Effected By Hurricane In Florida, Cannot Ship Orders


I live in Florida and recently got hit pretty hard by the hurricane.We have no power and no internet. I am hot spotting off my phone right now.

I have orders to fulfill and cannot fulfill them. Post Offices are closed. Running minimal power off a generator. I opened a case log with Amazon yesterday with no response,. I cannot find where I can have Amazon contact me in the Seller Help/Contact.

Any advice where i wont have my metrics messed up because of multiple order cancellations? Or anyway else to directly contact Amazon?

Thank you in advance!


1.) Put on vacation mode

2.) Rent a uhaul, drive north, ship

Did you not have a plan for this, given you live in a disaster area?

The people in the fire zones had less warning than you.

Your metrics will be jacked, if you don’t start making smart decisions about your business.


Amazon and Mother Nature do not fair well together.
Amazon expects you to meet the needs of their buyers.
You need to try to get your items shipped - no matter where you have to go to do it.
Amazon does not care.
Getting metric hits for weather will not make Amazon release you from your responsibility.

Best of luck out there… and be safe getting there,


As a fellow FL seller…a large 1 at that, we had set up gennys for the computers, each computer hooked up to a hot spot…started doing it that way. Orders had to be driven to open locations and dropped off. You cant stop unless you go on vacation…and risk losing all ranking.

Gotta push through, hell they company converted my living room into a shipping hub few years back. We had power 12 miles away but not at the shop so we had 3 computers going with 4 printers lol and a runner driving back and forth to the shop. :rofl:


Thanks every one. Its not what I wanted to hear, but I kind of figured . I appreciate the help and advice.

The hurricane was suppose to hit Mobile Alabama, but at the last minute at midnight it turned towards Florida. I had already put my store on Vacation Mode but had orders placed.

Currently I have my phone hot spot/ tethered to my computer running on a generator. LOL.

Thanks again everyone!


While it’s too late for you, this is a good example of showing that a hurricane is not a spot event. While the forecasters may predict Mobile (and it was pretty darn close), the real damage is much broader. Anytime you are within 200 or so miles of the path, you should prepare for potential damage; even farther if a large or strong storm.
This also applies to people who live far inland; Isaias made landfall in southern NC, but many in NJ were without power for over a week (and the cleanup still hasn’t finished). And from what I’m hearing, people in the central Carolinas may be having issues with Sally.