Double Jeopardy


I received an IP infringement claim 2 months ago for a product that I was sourcing from an authorized distributor. After several appeals and proof of authenticity, the listing was reinstated.

2 months later, I just received the same IP infringement complaint type (patent) for the same ASIN from a different bogus email address. What is weird about this one is the listing is deleted from Amazon and I haven’t received the “flag” in my account or the hit to my performance metrics.

Anybody experience double jeopardy like this in the past?

Thanks in advance.


If from a bogus address then why are you worried about this.
You have received nothing from Amazon right?


The listing (ASIN) is completely removed from Amazon. Typically when you receive an IP claim the listing remains active/available.


The irony of appealing a bogus IP claim for an item that I have authentic invoices for while at the same time fighting a “Just Listed” counterfeit seller on my private label brand, that I can’t get Amazon to remove…

Amazon desperately needs more qualified decision makers in their seller performance department…


Its probably just bots gone wild…


Triple, quadruple etc.

I would get the IP infringement notice, contact the rights owner, get an acknowledgement we are on the white list and an authorized dealer. It would take 3 weeks to reinstate me, then 1 week later get it all taken down again.

It got to the point the manufacturer dropped me due to no sales. When I pointed out I had no sales because Amazon kept wrongly banning me every other month for the past year, their response was “well this will make it easier then, we will just take you off the authorized list for Amazon”

This is definitely one of those cases where if we could sue Amazon we would.


I have gotten IPV almost daily for awhile on a couple of ASIN… I suggest reading my thread below
Do not pester me by PM for help. Read the thread. If you still have issues - comment here - maybe I will reply or maybe someone else will. Bogus IPV can be fought directly with Amazon - by invalidating the legitimacy of the complainer.

It is SOP for Westren Pacific Sellers to file bogus IPV against US based sellers - its pretty much the business model.


I received twice from the same complainer even though the Asin had been blocked by Amazon.

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