Don't know what website Amazon Pay account is


We deactivated Amazon Pay on our Shopify store last year but now need to access. I don’t know the email address that was used to set up the account. It doesn’t appear in my seller central account so must be on a different one, I need to get back in this same account to check the balance.

I can’t find a number to call Amazon Pay anywhere and any email I get back is automated with a load of generic FAQs.



Check all your emails. If you signed up for Amazon Pay, Amazon emailed you about it.



Amazon pay

Marketed as an app, on Google, maybe you can go to your app store purchases, + recover some of your information through your Gmail account…

Or not???


Have you had any luck here? There seems to be a missing link between Amazon Pay and Shopify. I collected $14K through Amazon Pay but have no way to figure out how to recover that money, because the Amazon Pay account was never set up properly (the problem with one-click integrations, I suppose). Shopify’s Amazon Pay integration makes it easy to start collecting money but on Amazon’s end it seems like the proper development work was not done to make this easy at all. Any suggestions would be much appreiated, as we need this info to file taxes… Keep us updated.