Don't even think about listing a hoverboard here


Without the paperwork. Amazon is finally cleaning house. No doubt they were named in the house fire lawsuits.
(I do not list them, thankfully)

"Hello from Amazon.

We are contacting you because you list “hoverboards” (battery powered, self-balancing scooters) on Amazon approval is now required to sell these products.

What do I need to do?

Your hoverboard listings have been removed. If you would like to resume selling hoverboards on, please do the following:

  1. Provide documentation demonstrating that all hoverboards you list are compliant with applicable safety standards, including UN 38.3 (battery), UL 1642 (battery), and UL 60950-1 (charger).
  2. Provide written confirmation that you will indemnify and defend Amazon against any claims of patent infringement, and the contact information of the lawyer that will defend you against any related claims. It has come to our attention that these products are the subject of potential patent litigation by Razor USA LLC in connection with U.S. Patent No. 8,738,278. The terms of your seller agreement require you to indemnify Amazon for any patent infringement claims involving your listings.

All information should be sent to Please include your seller name, your seller ID number, and a list of ASINs you would like to offer. The safety information you provide should clearly relate to the ASINs you would like to offer.

You will not be permitted to sell hoverboards on unless you provide this information.

Where can I get more information?

For more information about Razor’s patent claim, please contact Razor’s counsel:

Mr. John Cochrane
General Counsel, Razor USA LLC"


Oh my, the Grinch just stole Xmas from a bunch of sellers on here.

I was on a buying trip in Asia earlier in the year and started doing some research on them and quickly realized that majority of the products were cheap Chinese crap. I did not want to test my product liability policy so I passed.

I hope those that were in deep have at least sold enough so far to not take a huge hit, otherwise, it’s Ebay or Craigslist–and I would imagine Ebay may be cracking down as well.



If they bought cheap dangerous Chinese crap I have zero sympathy.


Also, +The Daily Show+ ran a segment on hoverboard patent litigation between several parties, Segway being one of them. I see Razor mentioned in Marilyn’s post. Looks like Amazon wants no part of those lawsuits either.


Yes, Razor has an IP lawsuit against the generic Chinese manufacturers.


Wired had a big article in them today talking about all of the issues with them. In some cases, the issue is something penetrating the battery, in others it is the manufacturing of the wall that separates the two parts of the battery, etc. One of the things they mentioned was that there are no players in the market that have the weight of a long established company so it is very hard for consumers to tell who has a good product and who doesn’t because price is not necessarily reflective of quality.


I think the novelty of them wears off pretty quickly. They travel 6 MPH, not exactly a thrill ride, I don’t know what Millennial gen would have the patience for that over time–Once they get over the initial “that’s pretty cool”, I’ll bet it ends up in the closet gathering dust, if it doesn’t catch the house on fire first :smiley:


After two leading reports on NBC News those hoverboards are done.

I know of some distributors that just got shipments of thousands this past week.

I’m glad that my other company decided to not stock those this Xmas.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Segway files a bunch of trademark infringement complaints as well. There are tons of “Segway hoverboards” and “mini Segways” on eBay.

This is gonna get real messy.


I considered buying one (gift) a couple of months ago. They kept showing-up in my searches for Back to the Future merchandise. Happy I didn’t because I really had no idea of the differences beween the cheap Chinese crap and the real ones - just that the ones I saw were cheaper than I thought they would be in price.


With many of the major airlines in North America banning them from checked or carry on luggage due to the larger lithium batteries, I almost think that the patent litigation could be the least of the worries.

There are several articles about them causing fires in homes and injuring people.

I think that this is a rat’s nest of litigation.



I almost ran over a kid on one a couple days ago.

Several days before that, I was talking to a woman whose 13-year-old granddaughter, who has never expressed any prior interest in skateboarding, put one on her Christmas list, and when Grandma saw they were $70 or $80, refused to buy one. She said if they’d been, say, $25 or so, maybe, or if the girl was a skating aficionado, but not now.

Remember Heelys? When those took off, I was working with a woman whose then 6-year-old son wanted a pair. I asked her if they had a college fund for their son, and she replied, “Yes” and I said, “If you get those for him, be prepared to empty it $150 a time” which was our insurance’s copay for ER visits. We were working at a hospital, and they saw lots of injuries from those, usually broken wrists.


I saw three boys on them among the elderly people on the pavement the other day … nobody got hurt, not then at least. Two were pretty good, but the third one was very clumsy.

I thought of you when I saw them. Good to hear that these toys did not burn You!


ToysRUs keeps advertising a cheap blue one for kids which looks fairly similar to the Segway.

The early Chinese versions were popping up on Amazon from time to time for thousands of dollars.


ASB, since you’ve observed these many times in your neighborhood, maybe you should purchase one and take it for a spin. Report back here your own experience. Just make sure you charge it on an extension cord in the yard on a metal plate away from the house. And don’t let kitty get near it.


Maybe I will, thank you! The weather is still beautiful and warm enough.

Yes, even though those thingies are forbidden in NYC, it is pretty common to see them, perhaps not daily but often enough. I bet there are many more in Central Park these days. Perhaps I will check them out tomorrow.

A few also came out when the Avenue was closed for the NYC Marathon. Most of the runners were already gone from the area, only the slow ones remained and the police allowed the kids to play there for a while in the late afternoon.


Oh I agree and just kept passing them by. Even though prices seemed cheap, not really cheap enough for the short use it would get.


I sell hoverboard on Amazon but all are quality ones with full certificates. A lot buyers from US, CA,Australia always want cheap cheap cheap hoverboards. There is one basic rule for both buyers and sellers: Not being greedy, not get burnt.

I won’t sell hoverboard on US Amazon any more.


The hoverboards that have been failing have not been counterfeits, but the real thing by Swagway. Ironically there have been no battery fires reported with the copycats (as far as I have read). Swagway hoverboards have been specifically banned from Amazon.

And no, I am not confusing Segway and Swagway.

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I just wonder how many defendants will be touchable. Most are probably in China and couldn’t care less about US laws.