Does the imbursement amount includes fees?



Let’s say I’m being reimbursed for $100 for a product with referral fee of 15%.
Does the $100 is the amount that goes to my account or Amazon deducts any fee out of it?



Yes. It will include all fees, including shipping, storage fees, referral fees…
You can see the breakdown by clicking on View Payment Summary on your Seller Central page.


If the warehouse damages or loses one of our items, they reimburse us the amount we would have gotten had the item sold. So, it’s the selling price - referral fee - FBA fee.

However, that’s not always the case. If there are offers at a lower price for the product, they may only reimburse you the proceeds from a sale at the lowest price.

And in some cases, where there is no selling history or when they lose a large quantity of the same product, they may ask for your invoice and only reimburse you at cost.

Just depends on the particular case and who at Amazon is working it.

Forgot to add…they can also reimburse you with the same product from another seller. There would be no credit to your account–just an inventory adjustment.


Thanks a lot, very helpful!


Thanks a lot for the reply, understood.