Does the current Free Shipping "Economy" include PO Boxes


Does the free economy shipping apply to PO Boxes as well?
I read the following on Amazon

We want sellers to think seriously about offering free shipping for all their products. The easiest way to offer free shipping is to offer Free Economy Shipping for U.S. continental street and P.O. box addresses.

To enable Free Economy Shipping, follow these steps:

***Go to Settings, and select Shipping Settings.***
***Click Edit on the top right of the Shipping Rates section.***
***Check the address types you’d like to offer, and click Continue.***

I have been using Free shipping on all my sites, but I cannot do so with Priority. Found out it forces me for the most part to use Priority which can be higher than I calculate for regular ground economy. I don’t want to overcharge folks who use street address, just because of having to increase price due to PO Boxes.

So, does the Free ship setting also apply to PO Boxes? Tried to call Amazon seller support but they are closed. If I am reading the above correctly, then it does include PO.

I will have to just stop shipping to PO Boxes all together I guess or is there way to set this to block PO Boxes from Free ship?

Sorry all, maybe the answer is obvious and I am “tired” so just reaching out to others here…

Thanks and have a super day/evening!!


Well…maybe I am waking up and answering my own question…sigh, just need to change something on my shipping package program…

I do believe Smartpost with Fedex can be delivered using a PO Box as address. So, I think I have this resolved.

If I could delete these messages I would :slight_smile:

If I am wrong about Smartpost, one of you guys/gals, just let me know…

This is due to lack of sleep and working long long hours to do this stuff LOL!

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