Does my private label fba product require to state "made in China"?


Does my private label fba product require to state “made in China” on it?


If the item is not labeled upon importing it the inspectors can hold your items and prevent you from selling it.


Does amazon explicitly state that anywhere - because like 90% of hassles and C and D I get are from Chinese sellers who just use packaging and sticker branding - one just uses the same picture of the box over and over and over and over.

I swear one seller was using a box where he just wrote his brand name on it with a marker.


Yes, and it has to have your logo or private label trade name incorporated onto/into the product, not just on the packaging and not on a sticker on the product.


According to

+"Prior to importing your goods into the United States, you should ensure the overseas supplier has marked the goods with the country of origin. For example, goods originating in China should be marked “Made in China”. The marking must be legible and permanent enough for the ultimate purchaser to be made aware of the goods origin.+

+The ultimate purchaser is the person who will last purchase or receive the article in the condition in which it was imported. That could be a consumer (one who buys), processor (one who further processes materials or recipient (receiver of a gift)."+


The Made in China tag is not a problem. Almost everything that is brand named is made in China or India or somewhere else, but the brands have quality controls in place.

That does not necessarily give a bad impression.

However, you should make sure that whatever you are selling is good quality (regardless of where it is manufactured).

If you sell crappy products, your customers will let you and every future customer know.

You need to know your expectations and what you are willing to pay and make sure that those are aligned with products your customers want to buy and are willing to pay for.



Please don’t spend funds bringing in more Generic Chinese Crap and Branding it! Amazon is not a get rich quick place.


Yes. It must be clear to the end user where the product was imported from.


By law your product needs to state in which country it is manufactured.



The Custom asks for that on both the shipping box and each item package.
Some sellers’ shipments were held for that reason this year.
They have to get a service to label all and pay a fine.

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