Does API allow you to port over Amazon's production creation flow?


I have a tool that optimizes Amazon product listings.

Instead of having the user switch between 2 (or more tabs) - my tool and Amazon to copy/paste information, I was wondering if the Amazon API would allow me to port over the product creation flow into my own UI?

The goal for here is - let’s just say I can actually port over Amazon’s UI. For the description field, I would like my tool to be able to analyze the copy that’s written on there, but within my own UI.

The problem with the current flow is that the user would have to copy the description text from Amazon, then paste it into my tool. I’m trying to eliminate the back and forth.


Amazon only provides the Description and Bullets (and in fact most data like this) IF the seller provided them on their SellerSKU.


Sorry, do you mean Amazon only allows you access to Description and Bullets via their API?


The API or in certain Inventory Reports …

If the seller didn’t upload the text it will not appear anywhere for the seller to download.