Does anyone know what is Amazon's Choice ads?


Does anyone know what are those new ads that mention that a product is Amazon’s Choice? It appears on every page of a search result?
I feel like it could kill the sales of every other item in that search result!


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“Amazon’s Choice” is a feature that helps Amazon customers save time and effort when searching for common, everyday items and suggests highly-rated, well-priced products with Prime shipping.

Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback on this program! I have forwarded it internally for review.



How are we able to have “amazon’s choice” on our product??


Same question. Waiting for reply


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Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a means of sellers requesting to have their products included in the Amazon’s Choice program. Instead, Amazon’s Choice offers are selected with a variety of factors in mind, ranging from rating to shipping speed.

I do apologize, as I know this isn’t the answer that was hoped for, but I did want to provide a response to this standing question and I hope you’ll feel free to post any other questions that may arise here in Seller Forums. We’re always happy to help.



So, Amazon’s Choice is only reserved for “basic household” items that AMZ sells & ships itself.

Does Amazon pay for these placements?
With vendors and sellers fiercly competing in this marketplace, it sure would seem unfair if Amazon could advertise / promote itself for free.


Listen to that again.

Amazon should pay Amazon for advertising?

There is no “fair” on Amazon, very little of it in life. But even if +Fair+ existed on the site, seems fair to me that Amazon does what they want with their own business.


The problem is when Amazon choses “highly-rated” products for Amazon’s Choice, it doesn’t take into account a product’s FAKE REVIEWS that were bought through free and discounted products in exchange for reviews.

Some of Amazon’s Choice picks show up on with an F grade and over 60%+ fake reviews. I would think that would be very embarrassing publicity for Amazon!

And it’s not really fair to sellers who have built up a reputation slowly through full price sales with REAL reviews; versus new sellers that give away 500 products and gets tons of bought reviews within months.

I think Amazon should revisit the criteria it uses to select Amazon’s Choice.


we sell made2catch rat trap which is our private brand and we get label “amazon choice”. we dont ask for it and we not pay for it.



Now that’s funny … Amazon pay itself on it’s on site to advertise. LOL.


10 years of solid reviews and excellent customer service down the drain in one week. My sales have fallen 90% to an Amazon’s Choice vendor that used fake reviews and has lower ratings. Amazon does not care about quality or good customer service. Fake reviews have taken over Amazon and they do nothing about it when it is reported. They seem to only care about speed of delivery. What is the point of putting effort into Amazon sales if Amazon simply, secretly, and arbitrarily picks certain vendors?


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Amazon choice is not an ad unit so Amazon doesn’t have to pay for it. However Amazon has a lot of ad units and continues to expand and they do have to pay for those spots to promote their own products - it’s part of FCC regulations. Similarly, Google doesn’t pay for organic listings that show their services but they have to pay for paid search, YouTube (search & display) and display ads through their network. Both companies have an internal soloed team that does the buying and an agency.

One could argue they are playing with house money so why don’t they just buy a ton and take the money out of one pocket and put it in the other, but that limits supply and ultimately reduces ad sales, so they compete in the real time market like everyone else… or you could argue that they would know the systems so well they would dominate in performance… and you would be wrong again… they are not… especially in Googles case. Amazons buying is typically done by machines and tends to make less mistakes :slight_smile:

On a side note, there are new ad units that put you above Amazon choice via AMS (Amazon marketing services) per search keywords and display units. You should look into it.

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