Does anyone also have problems at MEM1?


Please someone help…!!!
Any fellow sellers have problems at Fulfillment Center in Memphis, also known as :
A couple weeks ago i sent an FBA shipment of 22 boxes via UPS , ( Label was printed on Amazon side ) Now UPS or Amazon does not have any information about when the shipment will be accepted by MEM1. When i run the tacking over UPS , the information is that shipment was rescheduled for June 18th, But that didn’t happen and no more information is displayed.
Please kindly advise me, if anyone has same issue and how to contact amazon to get shipment moving forward to normal receiving at the MEM1 FC. ?


We are also having this problem. Recently our main FC got changed to MEM1 and shipments have been delivered for weeks but not checked in. Made the mistake of sending most of our inventory to FBA for Father’s Day. It has cost us thousands of dollars in lost revenue.


We’re having serious issues with MEM1. I noticed a severe softening of sales; after research, a lot of it is driven by inventory taking up to 6 weeks to be received at this DC. Two shipments of 126 units of a product…they received 14 of each shipment 2 weeks ago…the other 224 units are still unreceived. At one point we were seeing the ‘product will be available’ message on our listings about a week out. Almost all of those messages are showing 2-3 weeks out now. Some items are just not being received at all. Frustrating.


I had a shipment delivered on June 5 was checked in on the 7th and started receiving. No problems with it.

The next shipment was out for delivery on June 15 and apparently Amazon rescheduled the delivery. Then got a notice on the 19 that the delivery was rescheduled again.

So something is going on and started between the 7th and the 15th


Yep. We ship daily to MEM1 and they are obviously having major issues. Some boxes have been delivered and received but within the same shipment there are a bunch that are sidelined with UPS showing rescheduled delivery. It looks like they delivered a bunch on Friday so hoping things will pick up this week.


I have the same problem. Many shipments (UPS) and LTL are just lost by Memphis facility. Should I expect them to find these shipments or kiss them goodbye?

Please advise


Is it possible for the forum monitor to check internally with Amazon the current situation with MEM1 and UPS ? Please many FBA sellers don’t have updates on the delivery status. I want to create a new FBA shipment but every time I try it selects MEM1 , I really don’t want to send there any new shipment due to their delivery delay without any reason.