Does AnyOfferChangedNotification always send all the offers regardless of which one changed?


Does AnyOfferChangedNotification always return all (up to 20) offers for a product when there is a change or does it only send the offers where there was change?


Your question doesn’t make sense.
Please explain with more detail.


I think it’s all 20 (or up to) each time 1 of them changes. I don’t currently use it though so I’m basing it on the XSD.

documentation>Top 20 competitive offers for the ASIN and condition that caused the event

<xs:element name=“Offer” type=“OfferType” maxOccurs=“unbounded” />


It sends the most overall competitive offers, up to 20. Not just the changed offers.

There are instances where changes on non-competitive offers do not generate a notification.


Interesting. But it makes sense … I don’t need to know that a $200 offer on a $50 product dropped to $199.99.


FYI it DOES NOT send notification when the only change is Buy Box rotation.