Does Amazon FBA reimburse every "damaged by carrier" order?


We are sending some fragile item for FBA, we are concerned what’s the percentage of orders will be reimbursed by Amazon if it got damaged during the shipping from Amazon to the customer.

Will Amazon reimburse all “damaged by carrier” (Amazon to Customer) FBA orders?

What if Amazon thinks the package is not good enough?

Thank you


You need to make sure this item is packaged in such a way that it can withstand the effects of an F5 tornado in a Cat 5 hurricane or else it will never survive. Reimbursements are rare and the onus will always be thrown back to the seller for excessive damages.

This isn’t what you wanted to hear but I am sharing reality with you as bluntly as possible.

We had to pull a $200K ASIN off of Amazon that nobody in their right minds would think could get damaged because it was getting damaged. After several complaints we literally dropped said item (5 different samples) 10 feet on a concrete warehouse floor, kicked it around for about 10 minutes and it was perfect. Keep in mind these samples weren’t even in a box to mimic a shipment. They were just as they come off the production line. I have no idea whether it was the carrier or FBA that was causing this ridiculous damage but it happened… Over and Over again.