Do you know what it means? "FBA Inventory Reimbursement - Customer Return"


I desperately need to know the meaning of FBA Inventory Reimbursement - Customer Return.
Please let me know. Thanks.


Do you happen to know the FBA Inventory Reimbursement is related to Amazon reselling?


Reselling what?



As I heard, in some cases, Amazon resell the returned products at a cheaper price. So I thought the category means “FBA Inventory Reimbursement - Customer Return”. I really want to know the reason in detail. Thanks.



+For reimbursements associated with a customer refund, click the Amazon order ID to view the details.+



Yes, when Amazon reimburses you for a damaged item they take posession of it and may try to recover something for it.

That means that they may use their Warehouse Deals to sell the item for a lower price.

As far as you are concerned, you were reimbursed - usually similar to selling the item. Amazon has effectively bought it from you.


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