Do I need to migrate to SP-API?


I’m a contractor and I develop and maintain MWS applications for multiple stores but these applications are owned entirely by the owners of the stores. Do I need to migrate these apps to SP-API? Am I considered a private developer (in which case I don’t think I need to migrate by 7/31/22) or a public developer, which means I would need to migrate the apps by 7/31/22. Thanks.


I will share my understanding…


Each Developer ID is set as private or public on the Amazon side. I assume Amazon will be using this setting to determine the cutoff dates for each Developer ID. I assume in your case as the stores you are working for each own their own software, they also each have their own Developer IDs as private (not providing services for other companies). If you are not sure about this setting for each Developer ID, I suggest you confirm with Amazon so there is no question about the date you need to convert.

Regardless I would suggest getting started sooner than later. :slight_smile:

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Communication about the migration has been a bit confusing with all the extensions. However there are parts of the API that are being deprecated for all not just 3rd party developers. Case in point Reports and Feeds API will fail if not migrated by July 31st, 2022.


Are you available for hire to help us finish our MWS to SP-API migration by chance?