Do i need to a license to sell on amazon?


Do I need a license to sell on Amazon? I am no business owner and never sold anything before. Can I begin now on Amazon without anything. Besides a product and bank account?


You would need to check your state and local laws to determine what type of business licensing, if any, is required in your area.


Based on the type of questions you are asking, you would be best off not selling on Amazon right now. You do not know how to conduct business; you are asking simple questions that are common sense.

You would be best off right now to start reading on business. Take a small business course. Find a mentor that can guide you on these type of questions.

No one here knows you or knows where you live so no one can tell you if you need a license. No one knows what your business plan is. If you are selling food, you likely need liability insurance. You may need a business license. You need a structured business plan. You need to be aware of expiry dates. Packaging and pricing are important too.

If you don’t know how to deal with these kind of things, you need to learn on your own or find someone, in real life, that can help you.


I think you really are confused. From your other thread, I gather that you are asking if you need to be approved to sell something on Amazon. If you are trying to sell in a restricted category, such as food or other consumables, you do need to get approval from Amazon before you can list/sell in those certain categories.

Check the guidelines and specific help pages for what you want to list.


Groceries are not a restricted category. (Don’t ask me why. It’s as alarming as the fact that Health and Beauty are no longer restricted.)



A business license is not a requirement to qualify to sell on Amazon.
All you need is inventory to sell, and a bank account. :slight_smile:


Woah! I need food insurance in case someone get sick from the consumables I sell? But what if I FBA. What if I felt like selling chips. The bag is sealed, how would I be held responsible if someone get sick off my potato chips?


Thanks Barb. I thought it was restricted. It should be. And I didn’t know about Health and Beauty either. both of these categories should be at the top of the restricted list.

Now, where are those nearly expired cans of soup I know I have somewhere in the cupboard…and that tube of moisturizer I didn’t like. It’s still ‘new’ right? I only used it that one time…

Only kidding. I’ll stick to what I know best.


But I mean my potato chips were not expired, but the company somehow did something to it and made the people sick. So if I am selling food. I need some type of food insurance incase someone sues me? It would be my fault but not the manufacturer?


Is the brand name of the chips La Cucaroacha?


Hey CKM, Those are great! I have been trying to find them for a long time but nobody seems to carry them anymore! I am glad somebody is bringing them back. Thanks Amazon!


To be honest you should sit down with your lawer and discuss your business plan and all the items. You really need to discuss it all. As this is the items I sell and there is a lot.




you are wanting to sell foodstuffs, the laws concerning packageing, storage, taxes, and ect are very dependent on your City/state/County


You mean thanks me for bringing back the chips.

I don’t have a lawyer but would sitting down with an accountant be suffice?

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