Do I need a customs bond?


Hello everyone,

I’m a non-us seller and recently I found out about custom bonds. This is my first product and I ordered 500 units ($1,811 usd).
Do I need a customs bond? If yes, how do I get a customs bond. Do I fill out a form?


Nowhere near as simple as that.

You need an agent to do it for you. Get it done by your shipping company.


But do I need a custom bond?


Your shipping agent / carrier will be able to provide it for you. Typically they will charge a fee per shipment if you don’t carry your own bond.

Depending on how many shipments you plan to have in a year it might be worth purchasing a bond separately to avoid the fee.

Short answer, yes you have to have a bond.


Thanks, that is a very informative but do I need to do anything or will my supplier have it?


If shipments are less than $2,000 or $2,500 you don’t need formal entry or bond. Do your own research with CBP; this isn’t secret information. CBP is a public entity.