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I have a question regarding maximum % discount allowed for verified reviews and I would be eternally grateful if someone had an answer or could redirect me where I could find one. Here it is.

From what I understand, reviews will count as “verified reviews” only if the item was purchased at full price or at a discount of no more than 49%.

  1. Is that discount % based on the price at the time of purchase, or based on the current price?
    For example, if an item was priced at $100 and was sold for $60 (either through the “sales” function or with a 40% discount coupon), then the review left by the buyer qualifies as a “verified review” because the discount % is lower than 50%. But if later the price increases to $150, then the above-mentioned item that was bought for $60 suddenly crosses the 50% discount threshold ($60/$150 = 60% discount), therefore does the review lose its “verified purchase” badge?

  2. Is there any difference between the “full price” and “sale price” with regards to this matter? For example, if a product is priced at $100 and has a sale price of $80. Then a customer purchases 1 unit at at 40% discount, which is $48 ($80 -40%); here the review would qualify as a “verified review” because it does not exceed the 50% discount limit. But if later on the sales period ends and the item goes back to its original price of $100, what happens to the review? Does it lose its “verified purchase” badge?

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Regardless of price or discount, such reviews are no longer allowed here. It would be a good idea to read the help files about reviews before contemplating such action.

For clarity, sell at any price you like, if the buyer reviews, it’ll stick. But, if you are soliciting buyers with a discount in exchange for a review, that is the part that is no longer allowed.


Thanks for your quick answer.

To clarify, I did not mean soliciting buyers by offering discounts in exchange for reviews.
What I meant was offering discounts in the form of “% off coupons” or holiday sales without requesting reviews.

Since Amazon is no longer considering that reviews for items that were purchased at a discount of 50% or above are “verified”, I would like to check what is the impact of changes in prices or sales promotions on the “verified purchase” badge of past reviews.

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Prices change all the time. I can’t imagine Amazon’s system goes back and recalculates that based on that particular seller’s current price. (What if you now didn’t have any for sale at all?)



Thanks Barb for your help.

I do not know how Amazon’s system works but it could be possible that it does recalculate a review’s validity based on the price it was purchased at vs. the current price.

Otherwise, it would be possible for someone to price an item for $5, sell a few and get “verified reviews”, then increase the price to $100 and still have those “verified reviews”. That does not seem fair, which is why it would be great to know what is Amazon’s policy about this.

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If you read the top reviewers forum, you’ll see that most items are not getting the verified purchase badge at this point, if there is any type of coupon used or discount applied.

Not only are lightening deals, deals of the day, pantry items, etc not getting the badge, but some reviewers are complaining that items bought with free shipping are also no longer getting the badge.

There is speculation that this is a glitch in the system, but no one knows for certain.

Reviewers have received this response from the communities team…

Message From Customer Service

I hope this email finds you well. This is (XXX) from the Communities Team.

I apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. We want to make sure that shoppers know that reviews marked Amazon Verified Purchase are written based on purchase experiences that are available to most Amazon customers and not on special deals or free products.

I hope this helps. We hope to see you again soon.

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

Best regards,

Here is one particular thread…


And another…

And a thread discussing free shipping on full priced items…



I’d like to add that I, personally, bought an Aveeno lotion product, directly from Amazon, with a 50 cent coupon applied, available to everyone who clipped the coupon right on the page, and it didn’t have the verified purchase badge attached to the review.


Oh, thank you for that! I posted a review a while back and was mystified by the lack of a verified purchase badge. I’ll bet there was a coupon applied. One mystery I can scratch off my Master List of Bewilderments.



You will find, as you read through the threads in the Seller Forums, that Seller Support is very often the worst source of information about Amazon policy. As others in this thread have told you, there is no percentage threshold. If your buyer purchases from you at a discount, their review will not bear the “Verified Review” tag. The End.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your answer.
What do you mean lose my selling account?

From what I understand, giving discount coupons is allowed by Amazon and writing reviews of products purchased with or without a discount coupon is also allowed by Amazon.
It seems that the question here is more about whether the review will count as “verified purchase” or not, depending on the % discount given to the buyer.

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Hi Emanon64,

Thanks for your helpful answer.

I am still quite confused, as I received this answer from Amazon CS:

Dear seller,

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support.

Regarding to your question about verified review", According to amazon policy that Amazon Verified Purchase reviews designate whether the writer of the review purchased the item from Amazon, When a product review is marked “Amazon Verified Purchase,” we’ve verified the customer who wrote the review purchased the reviewed item on the Amazon in your store.

there is no the maximum % discount that buyers can buy a product in order to be able to write a “verified review”, As long as the buyer in your shop to buy goods, the review is marked "Amazon Verified Purchase.

If you have other questions, please feel free to create a new case to contact us,Thank you for your support and understanding!

It would be great to understand what is considered too deep of a discount % for a review to be marked as “verified purchase”.
I am not using any review club but I would like to give coupons to friends and family when launching my new product and of course it would be better if the review they write is considered verified.

Also it would be helpful to know how changes in price (change in full price or change in “sale price”) affect the “verified purchase” status of reviews left prior to the price change.

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> I am not using any review club but I would like to give coupons to friends and family when launching my new product and of course it would be better if the review they write is considered verified.

Bad idea. You can lose your Amazon selling account for this.

And before you say, “How would they know?” Trust me, they know.


Do not have friends or family review your products EVER. Amazon will know, censor them, and possibly suspend your account for review/feedback manipulation. You need to let your reviews grow organically with time and patience. You need to stop worrying about discount, price, etc. and just let the reviews come naturally.


Sure. OK. Whatever you say. Obviously +that+ is what is standing between you and Amazon millions. Not the fact that if you proceed with this stupidly-conceived plan you will no longer be allowed to sell here.


The family and friends strategy is expressly prohibited. Let your product garner reviews organically, or it will cease being a concern because your selling privileges will be removed.



> To clarify, I did not mean soliciting buyers by offering discounts in exchange for reviews.

With your friends and family plan you actually are.


If you can afford it, you can always check with Amazon about putting your products in the Vine Reviewer program, which would get you reviews. I only know the program from the review end, so I don’t know how you manage to get yourself into the program. However, if reviews are that important to you, it is something to look in to.


Thanks all for the warnings, I won’t get friends to review the items then. Better build a long-term strategy than taking risks.

I think it would be helpful to understand from what % discount does a review stop being considered as pertaining to a “verified purchase”, if only to have that in mind when running promotions or changing the sale price.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has insights.




is it possible that Amazon erases non-verified reviews on your products? I generated some cupons a while ago and around 50 of my products were sold at a 40 % discount. From that 50 purchases I got one review. I wasn’t making any profit at first but I was really happy about the review from a random buyer. Anyway, after a week or two I noticed that the review was gone :frowning: Did Amazon erase the review or did the buyer perhaps?
If you have any links to where I can find the answer I would very appreciate it.

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