Dirty trick even I have not seen before


I have your fix…Send in your inventory - while its in transit - switch your inventory over from FBA to fullfilled by merchant. AMZ will hold your inventory. Wait until it is completely distributed to all of AMZ. Meanwhile your competitor cannot see your inventory and your bots cannot pre-purchase. Then start selling.

I had a very similar problem - I would send in 100 - bot would pre-buy even before i could sell - then I would end up with 85 returns…TO add insult to injury - he would destroy my product, rip the package and give me a bad seller review. I owuld receive trashed returns of which I would have to pay for… ruined any profit margin _ I have reported it numerous times with absolutely no answer. It has gotten so bad that I am ready to shut down all of my stores - it has become way to trouble some. In total I do over 1MM in sales - but spend my entire day on the phone with AMZ - I want my life back.

I hope that help - if you need more clarity let me know…


How do you get a US person?


He is not actually buying, he buys and cancels instantly. maybe he is unclear or didn’t program his bot right. I tried raising my prices to $10,000 a unit, but Amazon would not let me.


Not sure if this would help in your case… We had a comp doing that, but when they started in on our FBA listings, Amzn put a stop to it (said something about restricting the competitors buyer acct).
Not sure if you can send some into FBA but Amazon seems to actually get annoyed when those games affect THEM.


I am just going to grind the seller up my way… I figure he is spending so much tiem on his BOTS that his metrics already suck (50% FB) just have to wait him out.


I don’t understand the logic behind sellers who do this

Instead of spending so much time trying to knock someone off the platform ( which is what i assume they hope for), why not just invest that time in getting better? It seems as if they created a business just to obstruct other businesses

This place has gone downhill since the mass chinese vendors entered this market. Most of them don’t even stay long either they just disrupt gain a little and leave,


Call during normal US working hour and ask if they are base out of state, if not ask for Captive Team to call you back.


Did that, spend an hour on the phone while the rep looked at the orders, the past cases, hundreds of harassing emails and the test buy I did showing the seller who is accusing me of selling fakes is themselves selling fakes. In the past thirty days the seller has placed 355 orders using 355 sock puppet accounts and Amazon still has not banned the seller.

I think this shows pretty clearly that Amazon is allowing the People Republic of China Sellers to engage in denial or service accts against US sellers.
Seller has a lifetime feedback of 63% and 30 day of 50%.


Time to tell your story to the DOJ.


Its the only option left.

amazon is super-saturated with sellers.

Imagine using a 1" diameter hose to drain Lake Michigan, your products are floating in Lake Michigan and buyers are on the discharge end of the hose.


The joke is now on amazon, the clandestine fulfillment centers are proliferating in the State of California. Every one of those sellers using the clandestine fulfillment centers are taking profits from FBA…just like those nefarious actors are doing to you.


It is beyond doubt that if the antics emanating from China was instead from any other nation state (say Russia), imagine the political impact - it simply wouldn’t be tolerated. However, Amazon does appear remarkably tolerant of these activities. It seems odd and some sellers on site for 20 years have seemingly been knocked off site at the behest of Chinese corporations - example is Fortnite (Epic Games / Tencent Corporation).


Its a growth market for amazon.

If amazon would have stayed out of alibaba turf, alibaba would not be doing a second offering on the Hong Kong exchange. That is how they are raising money to build out cloud, they have already doubled their tiny sliver of cloud marketshare.

Since ali will get a big cash infusion its going to be bye-bye amazon.


Do you mean there are fake Amazon FC centers in CA? How do they get FBA sales from Amazon?


How do you get fake out of clandestine?


I assumed you mean those FC were not operated by Amazon, but guess I could misunderstood you, could you explain what are those clandestine FC and how they work. I’m just try to understand what you said.


Ditto the question asked by Coming_Up_Clutch… HOW - exactly - do you make contact with a HUMAN at AMAZON in the US?


They are flying under the “radar” operating in the State of California and shipping goods out of the State of California on behalf of sellers based in China using non-USA selling accounts.


But now they have a USA based address for returns of containers of goods. or No Return Needed just refund a dollar and see if they go away. Buyers that is.


Try to call during US working hour and ask to be transfer to representative in the US side.