Directing Hundreds of MCF Pre-Order Customers to leave AMZ Review


We all know that MCF customers are not going to be able to leave verified reviews. I was wondering if there is a disadvantage to encouraging my 700 Pre-Order customers to leave a review on my Amazon FBA listing, knowing that their orders are fulfilled with MCF, and their reviews will not be verified.

Will I benefit from this, or will it only hurt the listing?



As long as it is a positive review, who cares if it is verified. You can leave reviews on products that you got elsewhere. I usually mention where I picked up a book if I am reviewing it, I doubt most people really care.

One of things that I see is sellers because they are more aware of things than general buyers who see a 500 reviews that are 5-stars and only one that is a 1-star. whether those first 500 are verified or not, who cares? I am in a minority here, I am sure. I do a lot of reviews for Amazon and I have never had a buyer to be call me on the fact that some of my reviews are unverified.


I would be cautious. Too many reviews–Verified or not–can lead to an investigation by Amazon into your Seller practices.

I would recommend that you consult the following Amazon Help pages for the product review guidelines so that you can protect your account:

I am by no means discouraging you from requesting reviews; I just want you to have the tools you need to do so within Amazon’s parameters. You’re working hard to get your account activated, and it would be frustrating to run into selling issues because of this.

For myself, as long as a review is helpful to me, I’m not necessarily concerned with whether it’s Verified or not.

Now, the REAL question is why on earth Amazon has FOUR DIFFERENT Help pages for literally this one thing. :roll_eyes: Are they each created by a different team?! :woman_facepalming::unamused:


I would certainly also encourage them to do things with any of these social media accounts that you have set up… there is life outside of Amazon Kool-Aid…

If you’re doing multi-channel fulfillment, all Amazon is getting paid for is the shipping and processing …

So I can’t imagine that much of your marketing efforts, engaging reviews …Have all that much to do with Amazon, & many of their policies in place to protect there proprietary relationship with your customers…

All whose contact information ---- might have been there before --but are now part of Amazon’s massive data-mining activities - they engage in…


I am in a similar position, as I am about to kick off a Kickstarter campaign and will be using Amazon FBA to distribute my backer rewards through MCF. I am doing this as I am intending to also list my product on Amazon and continue selling my product exclusively on Amazon after my KS campaign is over and I was going to encourage my KS backer database to leave positive Amazon feedback to give my seller ranking some impetus out of the blocks. I cannot see how it could infringe their TOS.


I have never used FBA or MCF to sell my goods. If a buyer leaves a positive review, great! Even better if they leave a positive feedback. I don’t know a thing about KS as I don’t use programs of any kind to sell my products, nor any PCP either. Never have in almost 18 years of selling.