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I have a persistent and annoying problem while typing text, I did extensive searches online for solutions to no avail.
I even refreshed operating sys ( Win 10 ) hoping for a fix, so I’m starting to wonder if it is something " I " am doing wrong!
Occasionally ( not very often, but enough to make me crazy ) I look up from typing and the script is backwards!
Combine this with the occasional cursor freeze and I’m ready to smash something ( usually it’s the mouse that suffers! ) I’m hoping that among this knowledgeable & informed group I may get an answer!


On the forums? Or in general?


I will allow that you installed or MSN installed windows 10 in an old computer. Following that line of thought, I would point to the possibility of a failing hard drive and corrupted files. More details from you may take this conversation in a completely different direction.


When in doubt, and the issue is bizarre, I start by running Malabytes Antimalware.


Malwarebytes :slight_smile: Don’t want anyone fooled into some spoofing malware or anything.

And yes, @Lake is 100% correct. I’d go a step further and say it wouldn’t be a bad thing to run periodically just as a good habit.


Thank you for correcting me.


The most likely reason for cursor freeze is insufficient RAM for the tasks the computer is being asked to do. Inadequate RAM can stem from having too many programs open, too many tabs open in the browser, using memory hog applications, or the computer just isn’t up to performing the most basic tasks. Some processes aren’t shown as open windows, you can use Windows Task Manager to see what all is running, how much working memory each is taking and what the available memory is. What are the specs for your system?

Backwards text? There are apps that will do that for fun, if you or someone else who uses the computer didn’t install something like that then the best bet is malware which you need to run a scan to catch and remove.


Good input there. Back in the day of windows 8 I had auto correct turn into auto compose. Not very helpful but fun to watch.


I use CCCleaner Pro which I run regularly, also Malware prog from IObit, also did a sfc /scannow which found nada…methink maybe insufficient Ram as someone else suggested or too many running programs but last time I tried to shut down a couple of Services I screwed up badly not fully understanding the ramifications! < sad grin >


One more detail, following a Google search I happened on a thread about how a certain Win Update may cause trouble with keyboards/ Mouse so I checked my installed updates but the culprit was not there!
Also to answer another post , this happens mostly on my Seller account , since I’m a slave to the biz and have no time for foolishness aside checking the HuffPost or Drudge Report ( trying to keep a balanced view here! ) < grin >


I doubt that which window or address you are using has any thing to do with it. Its just a matter of where you spend the most time. If you are using a wireless mouse, could be a weak battery is causing that problem. Do you per chance have a reference point in time which allow you to reset to that previous date? My auto compose issue required a complete reinstall of the software. Never did get an answer as to where it might have come from.


Is the text mirrored or just backwards as in sdrawkcab?

Is it only the text you are typing? or everything like the start menu on the right hand side instead of the left?


Crossing my fingers…I may have found a solution in Chrome itself , I checked the Compability tab and on the third try it looks like it may be all right , it rolled back to Vista settings…of course I also fiddled with the mouse settings so who knows!


**** sdrawkcab? ****

A fine example!..this issue hasn’t been resolved yet…a minor annoyance as it happens only sporadically.


So, there is a shortcut key combo that will change the text direction on the fly.

holding “CTRL” and pressing the left shift key will change direction to “Left to right”, what we are all used to in 'Murica. CTRL and the right shift key will change it to Hebrew style, right to left. It could be possible that the keyboard is malfunctioning and causing ctrl to be triggered, then if you type traditionally and use both shift keys from time to time, that would cause this behavior.


I know this is a troll because you admitted that YOU might have made a mistake. That doesn’t happen in real posts.


If I inadvertently admitted to a mistake, than I was wrong! < grin >


If it happens in multiple applications (note pad, excel, browsers, etc…) then its a system problem. Either failing hardware or a driver/os problem.

Is the text really backwards or is the delay causing the op to type over existing text making it look like garbage?


Text is backward, it may have something to do with cursor positioning in any given search field…I know it sounds crazy but it happens more than I like, especially if I’ve written a long sentence and I look up to see a bunch of gobbledygook!
Thankfully it mostly happens when I search the inventory just short keyword easily fixed…and yes it happens in multiple applications, like Notepad for example


Do you mean the cursor freezes or the mouse pointer? Both are input devices.