Difficulties in correcting a policy violation mistake


I’ll preface this posting by stating that I have been selling on Amazon for eleven years and had enough intelligence to get a Ph.D. from Yale University.

I received a policy violation this morning for a book with the title " Antiseptics, disinfectants, fungicides, and chemical and physical sterilization" with the following ASIN, B0000CITMB. I immediately suspected that Amazon thought I was selling these products rather than a book about them.

I decided that I would try to appeal this policy violation and wasted a lot of my time doing so. I have the following comments to make:

  1. Amazon assumes that the policy violation is correct and that their bots or employees haven’t made a mistake.

  2. I’m a librarian and now how to search and wasn’t able to find the policy that I was violating even after 30 minutes of searching on the Amazon for the answer and also trying multiple Google searches.

  3. I finally found the spot to appeal. If you search the ASIN above, you’ll find two other sellers who have the same book listed. I guess that I just got unlucky and had my listing examined.

  4. I have great sympathy for sellers who get shut down in error and have trouble appealing the decision because of their not being native English speakers or having problems bureaucratic forms.


What was the violation? Was it simply that a bot assume the book is a pesticide? If so, just take the 20-30 minute course and be done. It is easier to do the course than to deal with the “due process”.


Thank you for your suggestion to take the course. Yes, I believe that the bot assumed the book was a pesticide. Since I sell only books and media, I assumed that I didn’t need to worry about policy violations. Thank you again for pointing out that this assumption is incorrect.


And you don’t think you need to worry about violating any policies? Sorry but that really concerns me.

I think you might want to go and read up on Amazon Policy and go through Seller University. Selling Books and Media does not exempt you.


You were probably caught in the backlash of Amazon’s crack down on price gouging due to the high demand for the personal protection items for folks concerned about the coronavirus. Your listing was flagged by the script searching for certain key word. eBay has also cracked down on these items.

There are just too many unethical sellers who ran out and bought out all the hand sanitizer, face masks, etc. believing they were going to make a killing. I hope they are sitting on a basement full of those they will have to eat the cost of.


agree…with a Ph.D you should be well aware of all the rules and policies and little red tape that can effect you. Someone who has taken the time to achieve that level of education should be very familiar with studying up on subjects and currently the subject is amazon law and policy.
OP-learn it, understand it, and keep searching because it is evolving every day and there is always some new thing they change to keep sellers in check or just make it harder. 1 of my full time jobs is to keep educated on amazon laws and keep our company in check so we may continue to sell.


Thank you! Your answer makes sense. I listed this product over ten years ago and didn’t have any problems until today. While the price of the book is only a bit over $20, this might be enough to trigger a warning.