Design product pages with the right information


It’s happened to me several times. What’s annoying too is that they do not alert you that the listing has changed, so after the change I am technically selling a product that does not match the listing anymore, but unaware of it until I happen to go into that listing for whatever reason (luckily I have never sold one of these before!). It’s often not a minor tweak either, it’s a completely different product not even from the same category (like a toy changing into a phone case).


After posting here I’ve decided to rearrange my title, so it would be obvious that you are not getting certain thing, which Some buyers Might think of getting.

Now from 80 clicks a day (2-5 sales) I get 15 = 0 sales … even PPC campaigns are not using their budget at all

What should I Do ?? Go back to my previous title?

How long it would take for me to recover to the old clicks?

How to get more impressions/clicks? Selling in Electronics



Brand registry has done nothing to allow brands and legit sellers to make any updates. Every inch is a battle, and it has become pain staking to make any improvements. I don’t see why they even invest in trying to “improve” these types of things like Voice of the customer, when the seller cannot make any basic changes. I could mention about 30 ASINS off the top of my head that my team has been actively trying to improve, with no luck. In addition to that, submitting cases and getting results has become more and more difficult.


Yes, I just experienced that - Updates weren’t made for 2 days and Brand support told me to put something in the flat file which can’t be uploaded :smiley:




We try to update items all the time with product proof and get the below email. They state that we can be assigned a representative role to make these changes but do not provide contact information to request the representative role.
We can not enroll into brand registry as we do not own a brand.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to proceed with your request because ASIN - xxxxxxx is enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry and you are not listed as a representative for this brand.
The product detail page associated with this ASIN is controlled by the brand owner. Any changes to this page, including the title, description, images, and any other product-related information must be made by the brand owner. - To throw all this work on the brand owner is horrible. Example Disney - Disney Brand would have to hire several dozen workers just to do update requests.

If you do not own this brand but still seek to make changes, the brand owner can choose to assign you a role for this brand. This will give you the ability to make catalog changes on the brand’s behalf.
To do this, the brand owner can submit a request to assign this role to your Brand Registry user account by visiting the Brand Registry Contact Us page and selecting ‘Update your brand profile’ and then ‘Update role for user account’. Hummm - no untrue for sellers that do not own their own brand - we can not create a Brand Registry account if we do not own a brand.

Per Amazons policy as long as we provide Proof of the following we should be able to make these changes:
We consider any of these as a valid manufacturer proof:

  • Manufacturer’s or Publisher’s (for books) website URL clearly showing the suggested changes, along with visible product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.), if available.
  • High-resolution product pictures, clearly showing the suggested changes, along with a visible product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.).
  • A high-resolution photo of the item in its original packaging showing the product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.) code and the attribute or attributes that you need to change.
    I understand that you would like to update the title, color and size name for the ASIN: B07VMH3JKH.

Its a constant battle with CS to correct listings.
This has slowed down my listing department here and is costing us several hundreds of hours of extra work responding to cases - reopening and requesting that they follow their policy and make the changes with proof provided.


you forgot to add …

“and do not even think to contact

as he is busy remodelling his 165 Million Dollar Mansion.


I have put in countless cases for product details that are blatantly wrong and Amazon won’t let me change them. We need support from Amazon to improve this.


When a listing is deleted how long does it still show up on the list for? I have listings that were deleted from my inventory on Nov 9, 2018 and is still showing up on my list.


Most of the comments regarding the products in this tool is so that the customer can get away from return fees. They don’t take accountability for reading the specifications, bullets, title and even multiple images provided. That is mainly due to Amazon’s customer centric policies. Buyers just assume Amazon can foot the cost of shipping and returns, not realizing we are independent 3rd party sellers, small businesses, and not always able to absorb these costs. This tool has been zero help for me as every single one that I examined was due to the customer’s lack of reviewing specifications before purchasing or trying to get out of paying return fees, and not seller issue in any of them. I do take responsibility in fixing errors when I see them, but this tool is not really the voice of the customer, it is their path to getting away with not taking responsibility.


100%. It is buyers path to getting away from paying return fees. This tool is useless.


I as well I use this tool a minimum of 5 times a week. This tool help me out from unexpected error of description and as time goes by result getting better and better from refund 5-10 order a month became almost none refund,
Thank you so much for this tool.


This tool is useless now since you bottle-necked all the product detail page changes to the brand owners… I just sold thousands of laptops we had purchased for FBA to another channel because the product detail page on Amazon said it was a “3-pack” and you refused to correct it even after I provided pictures of all the product labels and UPC codes that matched the ASIN.

I prefer to work with amazon, but sorry if you’re not going to update incorrect information on the page then at this point I have to sell it somewhere else to protect the customer. The brand owner doesn’t care that you lost market share over this so they have no incentive to fix the page.


Agreed, it is sometime the entire trying interest go to dogs, it became an error and even it is not also showing the save icon either!

I am thinking also a way to discuss the complex terms of my necessary while it is a list of fields, but marketplaces like eBay is giving some handful abilities to do so!


Thanks for this condescending advice that ignores the real problem: pages that are changed after they are put up. When I build a page, I take great care in providing as much information as possible and making it as accurate as possible, because that is in my best interest as a seller. But time after time I have seen pages changed at a later date, either by Amazon merging them with similar (but NOT identical) items, or perhaps by bad sellers who will benefit by fooling buyers. But when I find one of these, it is next to impossible to get Amazon to fix it - at best, it requires an awful lot of my time.