Design product pages with the right information


Build customer confidence by providing accurate information on your product detail pages. Use the Voice of the Customer dashboard to review your offers, read customer comments, identify product and listing issues, and take action to resolve problems.

Review the product information for your offers on all stores and improve your product detail pages


How to deal with customers which neglect what’s written in the title, bullets, description, in user manual or even shown on pictures?


Problem is that for many ASINs we are required to link to — it is not OUR detail page and attempting to get any data corrected is very difficult .

We all want the data to be correct but when we have no control over the data Amazon chooses to display on PDP, providing accurate data is not necessarily something we are allowed to do. We are required to link to existing ASINs for a product so the data we may have on OUR offer matches the manufacturer / brand but the detail page data Amazon selects from multiple sellers.

Another case in point – we are brand registered, yet we are having many issues attempting to list correct data for our product because the “new” ASINs we are receiving via ASIN creation have OLD data in the Amazon catalog. The recycling of ASINs is not an issue if the data that previously lived on the ASIN was purged when it was “recycled”.

How are we to build customer confidence when we can’t even build our own data?


Created pages are rarely the issue for most sellers, and the Voice of the Customer dashboard comments often refer to pages we can’t get Amazon to fix.

Example: Page with a bed showing in the images when it is actually a book. Yet complaints go unresolved.

Amazon needs to address reported page content issues much better than they are currently doing.


The majority of our dashboard with fair marks is for product pages that are controlled by Amazon because the brand is gated. It seems that customers do not even like the Amazon controlled pages.


Can’t do it–no control over detail pages.


None of our items listed on Voice of the Customer have customer comments, so you have no idea why they think the product detail is wrong. So far Voice of the Customer has been useless .


Still a Shoe, Seller Support & Forum Mods not helping…


Voice of the Customer rating is determined by buyer comments, about condition, delivery, or questions from buyer. While it’s always a good idea to improve the content on the product pages and work to give the most accurate information, this cannot prevent most complaints. We have one “Poor” listing: 3 buyer complaints - first was FBA issue, and we do not sell any product FBA, each of our custom products has it’s own UPC and ASIN. Second was a happy customer who wanted to buy more ornaments but wanted to squeeze in 14 letters in a space that was designed for 9 letters (1"), and somehow we were able to help her and she ordered more. Third was a broken in transit ornament. These three items produced a Poor status on that listing. So we improved the listing, re writing title, bullet points, description, adding keywords etc. - now what happens? Will that listing be removed from Poor status someday? It hasn’t, and it’s been 2 months!


Yeah exactly. I have two bad marks already and the answers are in the photo, title, bullet and description.


With the fear of sounding like a broken record on this subject, I’ve tried so hard to get SS to fix wrong photos, titles that are missing the brand name, or the color name, or wrong description.

It’s usually the same result = Nothing gets changed.

I’d love to help fix the catalog to create a better customer experience, and to save myself and other merchants headaches when someone changes the photo, title or description and I have no idea that anything got changed. Usually it seems like it falls on deaf ears. I stopped trying to fix listings, because it’s very time consuming.

If the catalog dept. needs help in fixing listings, I’d be happy to help. I’ve been working in my industry since 2004 so I have lots of knowledge regarding brands, manufacturers and more.


How about this instead?

Build seller confidence by implementing tools to prevent detail pages from being hijacked by unscrupulous sellers. Follow your own stinking policies which say that any requested change to a detail page requires PROOF that the requested change is correct.

Recognize that it is YOUR failure that allows pages to be changed from ‘correct’ to ‘incorrect’ without any effort, but makes it nearly impossible to get them changed back the other way. Own responsibility for your own failures, and take immediate action to reverse them.

Dear Amazon Management:

Please provide a plan of action if you wish to be allowed to operate Amazon again. Please identify the root cause of the following issues:

  • You have regularly allowed vital elements of numerous detail pages to be changed to incorrect titles, images, and product details with no oversight or supervision.
  • You have placed roadblocks in the path of legitimate sellers who have spent their own valuable time working to correct your mistakes, demanding “proof” to restore the pages to accuracy, where none was required to remove the correct data, and refusing to apply even the slightest common sense to address your mistakes.
  • You have placed the financial burden of your mistakes on the innocent selling community.

Please supply us with a detailed analysis of the action you have take to immediately correct the damage you’ve caused, including the financial damage imposed on sellers as a result of your errors, and what actions you will take to prevent the problem from occurring again.

No Selling Fees, monthly subscription fees, or FBA fees will be transferred to your bank accounts while we work with you to address these issues.


Come on Amazon… MAN UP. It’s not * US * who is the problem - it’s YOU.


I use the “Voice of the Customer” page often, It’s a great tool to understand the customer…However, I have one ASIN in particular that is receiving a high volume of NCX orders for the same issue every time. The Voice of the Customer dashboard asks me if I want to fix the product detail page that is causing the NCX returns, and yet when I attempt to fix it won’t go through. I’ve opened many Cases about it, displayed screenshots of the NCX reports and described why they’re happening to seller-support, yet nothing will be done about it and i’m denied the changes every time. We are the only seller on the ASIN and our stock is at FBA too. It’s weird to me that even if the stock is at your warehouse you can’t just look at the physical product and see the change that needs to be made yourself since you won’t allow me to do it?


We can’t even correct product detail pages anymore so how are supposed to provide accurate information if we have no control anymore? I can’t even get seller support to correct a create listing glitch I am having that changes the browse node I am listing to over to null category. Soon I will not even be able to list anymore…


I don’t know who’s responsible for posting such madness here - whether it’s “our” mods or others - but it only goes to prove how out-of-touch even the upper levels of Seller “Support” are with the actual conditions and situations that sellers have to deal with - daily - on Amazon.

This one is laughable.

And I doubt they have any interest in reading our replies.

Post and run.
Their job is done.


I’ve been selling in my industry for 32 yrs. I know my product well. I use my product, I love my product, and I know what information buyers need to know to make an informed buy.

My business has invested millions of hours listing products accurately, only to find out Amazon merged them with another and all important details were wiped out.
Amazon’s says they merge taking the best information to create one listing.
the automation that does this does not work.
And then we spend hours in communication trying to prove that we know what we are talking about and to clean up the product line back to our details.

Seriously, I’m so exhausted and frustrated to tears, that I really don’t care anymore.

Amazon…is this how you want your sellers to feel?
Or would you prefer that we be proud of our product details and the detail quality,
that us sellers and Amazon, as a team, are publishing.

Treat your sellers with kindness, support and understanding, and the buyers will be there. Or maybe I shouldn’t give away that “trade secret”.


I is 99% IMPOSSIBLE to make corrections to product pages for books now. The Amazon “seller support” will fight any attempt to fix totally obvious errors on book product pages, even if the image does not match the title and author. The few changes I have made have taken numerous repeated attempts over weeks of time. Most are terminated by support staff with zero understanding of books or their product pages. I have now had 3 consecutive requests to update different product images from a drawing (banned explicitly by Amazon rules) to an actual photograph of the book, denied after repeated requests. All of these drawings have the words “this is not actually the cover of the book” or similar written on them. No reasonable person on the planet would refuse to update these, but “seller support” is steadfast in keeping the wrong images in place. The amount of time I’ve wasted on this is in the dozens of hours. I’m shocked that Amazon would post this absurd announcement. In my experience Amazon has shown very, very little interest in providing accurate information on the product information pages for books.
I actually feel physically ill now when I post a suggested update, knowing that it will be denied by someone with zero knowledge of the book field and trained to copy and paste phrases from some text that has nothing to do with bookselling.


Come on people, lol. Some sellers, like me, create our own product pages. This is good advice for those that do. Some do not create their own product pages. If the advice doesn’t apply to you just ignore it rather than complaining about it.


OK, let’s go down that road then.

Have you ever created a page (mine would be in Books) that is perfectly fine in every way…crisp, clear, properly-sized Main Image, helpful, detailed Product Description, properly-formatted title and author, exact specs, etc…only to discover somewhere down the line that (through unknown machinations) information on that page has been changed, and now there’s an image of a different book, or a re-worded title, or specs of 20x20x20? Enough bastardization for a Shakespearean play?

Well, it happens.

Every page I create starts out with the suggested “accurate information,” but after that it’s out of my hands.

It’s simply not possible to always retain (or regain) that original accuracy with the tools given us (i.e., Seller “Support”).


Yup, it’s pretty difficult to get anything fix on a detail page unless you created it. Many times I have tried to improve listings and the changes are not accepted even through a seller support case providing proof that the changes are correct. I even had a few listings that I created myself and I’m the only seller, and noticed that I had a typo in the title or wanted to change the order of the words, and they won’t let me change it.

On the other hand though, other sellers seem to have some kind of magic power where they can completely modify the pictures or any information without any kind of proof whatsoever. I manage to get it all changed back, and it happens again a month later. The cycle continues on and on until I give up on it and stop selling the product.