Delivery times in FBA


Hi there!
I am wondering why my delivery times are later that my competitors when both of us are using FBA and have the same price? Any clues? The difference is very big.
Competitor 1: deliv time: 3 days
My product: deliv. tine: 18 days

Any clues?
Thank you for your help.


Hey @MARIANA_FOODS! My name is Xander and I’m a mod for Amazon forums. I found this help guide on how to modify your delivery time. Let’s check in after you tried doing those steps, and if it made a difference for you.



Your product may still be in FC transfer and not completely ready for sale yet. Does your inventory page show reserved FC transfer?


All depends on your inventory penetration across the FBA network.

If you have 10 units at FBA it will be a long time (depending on where the shopper is). Amazon geotargets inventory to buyer. If one of your 10 units is close to the person looking at it, their delivery time shown may be the next day.

If you had 5000 units at FBA, you would be next day everywhere. That’s how it works.

Of course if the item doesn’t really sell you would be a foolish to load FBA up. (no offense).


Hi Xander.
Thank you for the guide, I implemented evrything it says… but it is not working…But thank you anyway,


Thank you Tandi.
No, all my inventory is in the Amazon warehouses.
Thanks for the try


Thank you, I’ll have it in mind


As others have mentioned, there are a few possible reasons.

  1. the items have not completed their receiving process - some items in reserved status
  2. the items need to be transferred to a warehouse closer to the customer
  3. the competitors with shorter times have inventory in a warehouse that is closer to the customer

The first 1 is the most likely for an extended delay. Just because your items were delivered does not mean they are Available and even once they actually start to be received, it might take another week or so before they are re-distributed to all of the warehouses. That takes time. Also, you should be aware that delivered does not mean receiving. UPS usually delivers several trailers as a single shipment. Those might not even get docked and could wait several days to each be docked and unloaded and it still might take several days for every seller’s shipment to get received and subsequently re-distributed to other warehouses.

I suggest that you watch that time and don’t be surprised in a week or so if the times look more consistent with your competitors.

Amazon used to keep the items as inbound and keep the listings disabled until they were actually Available. They changed that to allow customers to order from sellers whose items were delivered (or even inbound) to the warehouse, but with an extended timeframe to be delivered to the customer.

Though this looks negative, you should understand that the listings were not even active for those several weeks before.