Deleted my listing and Product in error while processing my Shipment



While Amazon was processing my shipment for two ASIN, my products and listings got deleted in error when trying to create a product variance. Then we created a new product using the old ASIN but a different SKU as the previous SKU weren’t available. At this moment I am starting to receive my items under the old SKU and when selecting “Fix stranded inventory” my products are been received under the old SKU, but under the “Stranded reason” is showing " “Trademark misuse” eventhough we own the Trademark for our brand.

Our Questions:

  1. How we could activate the newly created listings?
  2. How do we assign my old SKU to the newly created SKU so the system can update the inventory accordingly?
  3. How we could solve the “Trademark misuse” issue?

We are just trying to go back to where we were when we created the original listings :slight_smile:




If the Old sku was deleted and you re-created the listing using the same ASIN# - why didn;t you use the same SKU#?


The same SKU wasn’t available. Should I delete he new listing and create a new product and listing using the same SKU once this become available?


Since the SKU can be anything you want - I’m not understanding “wasn’t available”


Amazon sometimes requires waiting 24 hours after deleting a SKU before you can re-use it.


Thanks! Do you know if creating a new Listing and Product using same SKU and same ASIN could solve the inventory issue? Also what we should be doing for the "Trademark misuse” under the "Stranded reason”


This is what fixes 99% of our stranded inventory issues.

Not sure. Make sure you haven’t used any trademarked names in any of your listing details.


This is very helpful. Thanks so much for your help and time


I was able to create the listings under the original SKU and it is showing as fulfill by Merchant, when trying to Convert to ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ using convert only, in the “items exceptions, the system gives an error " The form has not been completed. Please complete the required information form” Do you where to find that form and why is that showing up?


I was missing the info about the hazardous material. Now I can see the available units, the listings are showing as “Active” but the ASIN are down in the system. I guess is due to the "Trademark misuse” . Sending an e-mail to with all the info about my brand and trademark, I will update the forum later. I hope this helps someone else with the same problem