Delay in available ship/receive times


I’ve been using MCF for 5 months and usually products will ship in 3-5 days and Customer will receive it within a week of that. Around July 16-17 I noticed the available ship dates are more than a week out, and customers would not receive items until Aug. At first I thought it was a software glitch since Prime Day is running, or a possible packing delay time due to increased orders from Prime Day. I also suspect there could be a delay due to the strikes going on at Amazon warehouses around the country. Anyone have any insight? It is affecting our shipping e-commerce customer service and expectations.


Might be where your products are located. If you do not have much stock it could push things out.

Just did a test order on one of our few FBA items and it would Ship tomorrow deliver Tues, 7/23 with standard shipping.


Multi-channel fulfillment – has always been slow, it’s the last thing the Amazon gets around to doing…

I don’t necessarily expect it to get any better…

You could always look at warehousing your stuff in someone else’s fulfillment center, having them ship…