Dear Amazon - the health products removal - where will it end?


The counterfeit issue currently going on and the prescription product issue are two different things. Whomever is doing this reviewing at Amazon finds one ingredient at a time and goes after it. For instance, Afrin and Visine L.R. both got pulled on the same day, and both are the same active ingredient. Yesterday a number of ammonium lactate skin cream got pulled by a number of different manufacturers, and they were not items that were likely to be counterfeited.


outcome is the same.


Okay, look, don’t want to argue this. I oversimplified, but I’ve dealt with the prescription issue and the counterfeit issue. They are two different types of issues that are dealt with differently by Amazon. Moving on.


I understand that some items suddenly get blocked - but you need to find out the reason if catalog pages are deleted, instead of simply merged.

We should not list on duplicate pages anyway any items, and especially not items that supposed to go to FBA - although it can happen with out of print books, especially preISBN.

I don’t know what new DVD/Blue-Ray pages you may be referring to, but if Amazon deletes that catalog page then obviously nobody can sell that item any more.

I only had a few catalog pages pulled out from under me, those were company recalls and fortunately I did not have any stash in FBA at the time when that happened.


That’s not quite how it works.


claims of counterfeit can affect all sellers on a listing…at least in media and Frozen toys…


the point you are missing is that this is NOT going to end…it started elsewhere and has crept into the beauty category.

This is nothing new to sellers of media and some other commodities…so to answer your original question again: It will never end.

‘moving on’…


The counterfeit is a seller by seller issue. If you’ve never had a complaint, you won’t have a problem. Prescription issue affects every seller of the product.


As a buyer, I will say this. I’m glad. I think the FDA is the best thing America ever invented.

Protecting buyers from counterfeit cheap plastic chinese cell phone cases is one thing, but protecting buyers health from products they actually INGEST is another thing altogether.

Let’s not get carried away now Annon!

The list of FDA Approved drugs that have been hurried to market to placate the pharmaceutical industry and then later pulled after causing terrible side effects and even death is a long one.
Just google “Temafloxacin” for one. FDA approval in Jan. '92 and off the market in less than 6 months due to a host of severe complications, and 3 deaths.

Better to have the FDA than nothing, yes.
The “best thing America ever invented”, far from it.

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I think you nailed it.

We were grumbling about Health & Beauty as well as Grocery & Gourmet for years.

While it is not nice when someone sells silver jewelry that is not quite as pure silver as they promised, that’s an entirely different issue than for example selling supplements that won’t do any good or in some cases might even cause serious harm.


Spoony, you see this issue with clarity actually unlike the behavior of many sellers on here. Amazon is going back to its origins. Most of the categories apart from books used to be restricted and it was something similar to an invite to sell in them. Health & Beauty used to be restricted in the beginning and heavily regulated. No, this is not going to stop in one category and the restrictions are going to be arbitrary even with permission. Since the last wave of restricted brands, I calculated a healthy percentage of what can FBA so that we won’t take a considerable loss and have the products trapped there and go under again. We saw the restrictions increase with DVDs, in Jewelry, in Health & Beauty, now in Food…there is a pattern and a strategy to this from Amazon administration to clean house and it is not going to stop.


But also Medseller’s point on those two being different issues is on the mark; counterfeit vs prescription drugs in the category. The issue is really more complex in this category than a counterfeit Frozen toy.

And yes, spoony, the end result unfortunately is the same.


Am Amazon third party seller’s view of this is different from an average buyer, who thinks they are protected by shopping on Amazon as opposed to some unknown site or 800 number on late night TV, and would probably be surprised at how little oversight there is for these products.


With this thinking anything with “antioxidant” in it’s name, keyword, description can be seen as "claims to decrease the risk of cancer+


I started a list sometime ago last year with restricted brands; the list kept growing in leaps and bounds that I got so fed up with it, I abandoned it altogether. I am not even going to humor Amazon anymore about the logic behind the restrictions. It is what it is.


Do you have an asin for the removed Crystal Deodorant? Sometimes the “cure for cancer” takedowns happen because of something a seller added to the detail page. I have successfully reversed some “cfc” product removals, but it takes a lot of time and effort.


You can add Crystal Deodorant to the list of banned products:
Manufacturers Link:

+We took this action because this product has been identified as a product that claims to prevent, cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or decrease the risk of cancer+

All Crystal says is they use no Harsh Chemicals. So I guessssssss Amazon figure’s less checmicals - less chance of cancer? and that’s not allowed!?!?

+Crystal® is the world’s leading natural mineral salt deodorant. It works to prevent odor while other products attempt to mask it or plug pores with harsh chemicals like aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium.+


The FDA is pretty terrible, just google “colchicine approval price spike” to find out one example of why. But that’s neither here nor there.

Let’s review this thread, because there are a lot of responses that miss the point.

  1. A number of foreign sellers sold items on Amazon which are legal in their countries but illegal in the U.S.

  2. Amazon cared very little about this for a long time (I myself reported a number of listings, without result)

  3. As part of “Operation Pangea VII" a couple weeks ago, the FDA went after online sites selling prescription drugs.

  4. Amazon removed all the listings for illegal items (finally)

  5. Amazon then started removing dozens of listings for legal items.

  6. Amazon gave strikes to third party sellers for selling items which they had no way of knowing Amazon would have a problem with.

  7. Amazon refuses to make any comment on this issue or response to seller requests, asking about what items are okay to sell going forward.

  8. Amazon seems to have no coordination between departments.

Please stop telling me I shouldn’t expect Amazon to change their policies or should be surprised by any of this. I don’t and I’m not. My only hope, and again, I am very aware this is a long shot, is that someone higher up on the chain look at the situation and realize that the recent catalog decisions are not being made in a logical way and need to be reviewed.


I guarantee that executives very high up the Amazon ladder are very aware of this issue. Amazon isn’t leaving ongoing and potential FDA investigations and multi-million dollar fines to some low-level grunt working the overnight customer service hotline.


I’m quite sure they’re aware of the issue, but I’m not so sure they’re aware of the methodology being used to vet the products. I can’t think of any scenario where a logical process would lead to the results we’ve seen this week. As with the “cure for cancer” issue, there often does not appear to be a lot of brainpower behind these decisions.