Dear Amazon Please Contact Me I Have Discovered A Big Error In Your System


OP, what’s the update on this ponzi scheme you uncovered?


good luck because I have been unable to get Amazon to reimburse me for anything for lost revenue for 6 months stating amazon policies by someone in India. these cases are all still opened and escalated and still not answered. good luck. there a lot of glitches and amazon errors causing a lot of sellers money. if it wasn’t for shear volume, I’d pack it up.


Make sure you demand compounding 10% interest like OP, OR else. You gotta throw in that OR ELSE, or else they won’t take you seriously.


Now that we have those issues settled, how do I invest with your 7% annual return?


best thread ever - thx - busy day, needed some r&r


I guess I never learn…I’m still leaving notes for wifey!
So are you saying she just ignores them!


Well of course!

Except for the “love ya” ones.


U R a very wise man/woman, indeed!


There is another error- Some dropshippers are putting a - Dash in front of the street address whereas the postage label will print but not a valid address on the USPS, SO later it will not track and they can say it was not delivered, Any orders That I get with that dash I have to hand mail at the post office and leave the dash off, Costs more in shipping, Happened about 10 times so far .


That’s not how USPS tracking works


A dash in front of the street address does NOT stop the tracking of a USPS package.
It is tracked by the barcode.


How is that Amazons problem? Sounds like the dropshipper should stop doing that.

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