Dear Amazon Please Contact Me I Have Discovered A Big Error In Your System


I was mistaken there is no glitch. The only glitch is that there is no way to transfer funds from Europe to Canada. However amazon has stated in fine print of this (but seller support would never in a million years know this information)




This is not a glitch…


It’s a feature.


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So this whole thread was a result of YOU not reading the transfer rules? Geez. Smh


$200-$300 :joy::joy::joy:


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If you feel so strongly about those things you might start your own thread.
The issue on this forum post is that the OP is ranting about Amazon for something that was actually his fault.
All too common in these posts.


You REALLY think Amazon is going to pay interest on the money they’re “holding” ?
you’re funny… please come to the forums more often to entertain us…


This only tells ms you are not as busy as we are trying to keep up with Black Friday, cyber Monday orders. if you have that much Tim eon your hand I would recommend you to start a new business next to this business.


Good Luck with THAT…:joy: :exploding_head:


I was mistaken there is no glitch. The only glitch is that there is no way to transfer funds from Europe to Canada.

There is a way to do this outside of Amazon. There are companies that will allow you to create online bank accounts in foreign currencies. I connected my foreign Amazon accounts to these accounts in their respective country currencies (I had one for UK and another for the EU). Then every so many months I would do a large transfer to my domestic account. If you do it this way you are not charged for currency conversion every 2 weeks when Amazon deposits. You can collect for months with no fees, then pay only when you do the one transfer. I did it for a few years, but that was several years ago so I forget the name of the banking company.


Payoneer is a big one but there isn’t much advantage to holding the funds as they mainly just charge a percent for the currency conversion which is supposed to be less than what Amazon charges. They also allow you to pay your taxes without having to convert currency back and forth.


That is very useful, what should I google to find a company/bank like this?


Go to your bank and ask them. They have relationships with other countries banks and they, I believe, are also in UK.


It was called World First


look up LLC


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I would go with keywords from @recentl’s post.

Try a few things on your own before asking others to do what you’re capable of yourself. :woman_shrugging:


Good luck with that.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: