Dear Amazon Please Contact Me I Have Discovered A Big Error In Your System


I am not at all sure that is a good thing? What is GOAT of the thread? Or do I even want to know?


You are the greatest poster in this thread


No it is not a good thing.

There’s the hero, and then there’s the goat.

Charlie Brown was always the goat.


Yeah that is how I saw it but OP thought it was good so who knows? Just quit pulling the ball away,OK?


It would be interesting that you shared more about the glitch? When you print your stamp from your computer there is usually an address verification (dial a etc…). For example, for the post office, if the message tells you "this address does not exists, it means in general that they live in a rural area, and they all have a PO box address instead). So i can ask the customer “do you have a PO box number?”, and they usually give it to us. Then I recommend to them to use both addresses in their order (2nd line with a PO box address, and the 3rd line with a street address for USP, Fedex etc…), so that the seller can use which line they need accordingly. Over the years, I noticed the customers often will enter a wrong address (just moved there, or buy-with-click that keeps an old address on file etc…, or with a typo in it. Sometimes, we have to play detective and look them up to find the error (on google etc…) especially if the buyer does not reply and if it will say “this address does not exists”). Finally, you could use the phone number that amazon now lives us to contact the customer if really needed for such a situation etc… (it just more work and time consuming). Luckily such errors do not happen to often. Any more details about your intriguing situation, would be helpful to this tread.


On my honor!


Argarth, spelling for OMG
never again


GOAT = Greatest Of All Time


The OP is obviously unbalanced.
I guess it’s consistent with his warped logic that when he means to insult he actually compliments.
Thanks ReedsSeller, I’ll go with your definition.


“I could care less about whether or not Amazon discovers this error or not, I have learned it and will not let me lose any more money because of it regardless.”

Hold on, you were just demanding that they fix it and now you say you “could care less”? (btw, the actual expression is “I couldn’t care less” not “I could care less”.

So you actually know a fix yourself? Then maybe it’s not Amazon’s problem. If it was strictly Amazon’s problem, you wouldn’t be able to fix it yourself. Your whole thread of demanding an IT fix, demanding money, demanding interest, etc is bordering on lunacy, especially since this is a seller forum and not a place to actually demand IT fixes or money from Amazon.


Careful Sosi.
If you try step in to his mind you might not find a way out.


Thank you for the psychoanalysis, which school did you study at for your psychology degree?


Better yet, he’s already admitted there isn’t actually any error. He flew off the handle and freaked out before he double checked something simple on one order


Thank you for the update. For some reason this one got to me!


People are suspended left and right for no reason or given no explanation on their susspension. Fba messes up orders and sellers eat the negative feedback. China attackers mess feedback score of sellers and leave negative reviews before the item has been ship stating that its defective. Buyers get full refund if they complain that the item was not received and on top of this if you are lucky to win any A to Z claim the buyer has a good 99% chance to win the appeal. Seller support has no power and no brain. They use generic answer regardless the problem you have. This form has more power than all the seller support combined!!! So lets talk about amazon issues and system flaws. I think your $200-$300 in losses don’t scale here not to mention good luck getting those money back. Maybe after 10000 emails with support,maybe not. The whole system is abused left and right and no one gives a @#$%. 3p sellers are here to make money and this is the cost of it.


Thank you for the entertainment this morning Tom.


Just like you are mistaken about how to communicate with Amazon, mistaken about whatever address error you thought you found, mistaken about how to transfer your EU funds to your CA bank account, mistaken that they are going to meet your absurd demands you are also mistaken about how much they pay in “FEDERAL TAXES”. I have a feeling most of your issues aren’t caused by others but are caused by your lack of general knowledge about how the world works while at the same time assuming you know everything better than everyone else. I bet it’s really tough being right all the time when everyone around you is always wrong.


Stay by the phone, they will call you any second!!! :roll_eyes:


Same problem on buyer end, will not accept shipping to Canada or Porto Rico


The glitch before christmas? Anyone…