Dear Amazon Please Contact Me I Have Discovered A Big Error In Your System


So you are saying that there is an error that cost you money as a seller and you go onto a forum that sellers read and can potentially be effected by this error as well but you will not disclose the error because you are worried who will “abuse” it? This forum doesn’t seem to be helping you and will not help anyone in the future who have a mysterious error that costs them money as they will not be able to connect the two issues. See the problem with your method?


Shhh – don’t give them ideas.


You have to be smoking crack to think Amazon will answer this. We were
in a 10% category and we were being charge at 16%. This is when you could speak to Amazon by phone, they saw the mistake and agreed. $45,000.00 mistake on their part. You think we were ever refunded. Answer is a resounding NO!!!

Better fire the pipe up and dream about Amazon answering you!! LOL


Your very impatient for it being the busiest time of year.


Yo OP, open an account in UK or USA have Amazon deposit the money and then transfer the money yourself. Both of those countries are approved for your EU selling and they will do business with a Canadian account.


I’m NOT going to read all (or even most) of the responses, but please pay close attention —

This is A FORUM – a discussion among SELLERS such as yourself.

If you seriously want to get help with your issues you need to contact Seller (kind of, almost, sometimes) Support.

OR send a message to Jeff@amazon and see what kind of (semi) helpful assistance they can offer.

If you really want all the other sellers on the FORUM to make you whole I would suggest you will have better luck with a GoFundMe account.


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It gives me great pleasure to nominate the OP of this thread for the 2019 Troll of the Year Award.

There are no words of adoration needed beyond those in the tread.


yeah, its sounds paranoiac


I’m sure it’s an honor to just be nominated. I’ve definitely seen worse this year, though.


I would like to nominate this one also.


Yes, you did.


I’ve read some of the responses to this, and like other’s I have no idea why you would post this here.

Whatever this mysterious error is, if it even exists, what do you expect us to do?


Unfortunately, Amazon will not refund “lost revenue” as there is no way to prove how much was lost… and frankly, they don’t care if you’ve lost revenue.


The OP already stated a while back he realized there is no error, there was a problem with one order that spurred this insanity. But now he’s just holding a grudge for Amazon not depositing his EU money into a Canadian bank account. Even though Canada is apparently not an eligible country to deposit to.



I have no problem with you demanding interest either.
You’re dreaming if you think you’ll get it.


Read your TOS… then you will see the problem with your DEMANDS. Amazon does have Contact system and you need to use it.


Thank you for this, this explains a lot.

I will have to look into opening a US bank account to get my funds transferred.


This whole thread:


Don’t confuse the OP with the facts.
I’m enjoying his hilarious comments.
He might stop responding.


Thank you for the Solution to this problem you are the GOAT of this thread.