Dear Amazon Please Contact Me I Have Discovered A Big Error In Your System


So one order that you didn’t look closely enough at spurred you to claim you’re losing hundreds of dollars of revenue, threaten that it’s an error that others could exploit, demand interest on said lost revenue, and generally make yourself look like a fool?

And you want us to believe that Amazon is to blame for your bank verification info?

Sounds more like you like to jump to conclusions and not verify info before throwing around accusations :thinking:


You mean, despite the fact that you signed a TOS stating that they could do exactly this?

And seriously, if they cannot verify your deposit method, would you rather them hold the money, or go ahead and transfer it to some guy in Kenya that has altered your account?


So what you are saying is not only do you not know how to check for an error in your shipment, but you also have no idea of how American tax law works.


I feel duped.

Not for the first time this week on the Forum, either.



I have no problem amazon preventing a Direct Deposit form somewhere in Africa, but any human who reviews my account will see that,

The direct Deposit I use for my Europe is the exact same as my Canada and United States and has been for 3 years.

The direct deposit bank account also has my Full Name on itm which matches my birth certificate, Identification cards and everything else.

What else could they possibly need??


That was a joke about what am I going to do about it


This is a fair point, I did see earlier a return request and then noticed the error which caused me to jump to conclusions…

I believe interest on frozen money is a fair compenstation. Like for example if Amazon held my money from 2005 -> 2019 and it was $2000 well that $2000 in 2005 is not worth the same as it was in 2019.

Likewise if they froze my money in September it is not worth the same when it is released in December, there in inflation and interest they need to be responsible for.


Especially considering that the Federal Reserve has been doing trillion dollars worth of Quantative easing, two months could mean 0.5% in inflation and potentially 1.6% in interest (return from investments)


Which on $2000 frozen for two months in this environment I would expect minimum $2042 paid to me for interest expense and loss of potential revenue.


Essentially I would expect to see myself as an account payable on a Balance Sheet.


Like can you imagine doing a job for someone and them refusing to pay you for two months while they’re like I can’t pay you until you provide me proof of your bank account ??

It’s like HERE’S WHERE YOU DEPOSIT MY MONEY and their like ya but do you have proof this is you?? MY NAME IS ON IT…


This is a novel approach.

This week alone we have seen someone rant because Amazon DID transfer their funds to a foreign bank without question, and now we have someone ranting because Amazon WOULDN’T transfer their funds to a foreign bank without question.


Sounds like you SHOULD hold your breathe waiting for Amazon to pay you the 7% interest.


I am also an Amazon customer and there’s no error or issue with my shipping address.


As per Amazon guidelines, Canada is not on the list for acceptable bank acounts selling in the EU:


Let’s be perfectly clear - this will never, ever happen. If you are really trying to convince Amazon to pay you interest on funds they’ve held, you are wasting your time and energy.


If you aren’t in the US as stated earlier, what do you care what Amazon or any other company or person pays in federal taxes? Do you actually think you can get Jeff Bezos to pay your income to you? I’m sorry but from the sounds of everything you have written it is clear that you don’t know how the real world works, such as thinking you can get Amazon to pay you a 7% interest rate on the money they are holding. Savings rates here in the US are only around 1% or less. They certainly aren’t going to pay you interest at the rate you are supposedly earning it with your investments. They aren’t going to pay you any interest period.

Lobbying for Amazon to pay federal taxes isn’t your business. Amazon doesn’t care if you move to Alibaba so you can do that now. I am not worried yet about elections in 2024. We have 2020 to get through.

If you think that Amazon needs to know about a glitch in their system, then report it without all the other nonsense. Stick to the actual problem and not how you want to be reimbursed or be given a ridiculous interest rate. Otherwise, you sound like the kind of guy that they will come to get you with a straight jacket or a tinfoil hat.


EU marketplaces do not allow transfers to Canadian bank accounts. Read the fine print.


These are most funniest Posts I read on Amazon forum- From start to end. :slight_smile:


If deflation occurs while funds are frozen, will you pay Amazon interest on the money they preserved for you?