Dear Amazon Please Contact Me I Have Discovered A Big Error In Your System




And I didn’t say monthly I need the interest compounded monthly the rate will be 7% Yearly.


Do you realize how ridiculous you’re being? “I know something that is bad and is happening that is costing me money but Amazon needs to treat me like I’m special and come begging me for the information I have. Oh, and they need to pay me extra money for this error that I know about but refuse to tell Amazon about unless they contact me first.”

Good. Luck. Dude. :thinking:


Beyond ridiculous, it’s ludicrous. OP, you want to keep secret, a glitch that enables amazon to keep your money?

This thread is a good way out for the evening. When you thought you’ve saw it all, empire strikes back.


I am pointing out how terrible Amazon -> Seller communication sellers are, it’s impossible for me as a Seller to Easily report this glitch. As well as having Thousands of payments frozen because of my bank direct deposit form cannot be “verified” while having no actual way to contact or communicate with Amazon directly about this.

I could care less about whether or not Amazon discovers this error or not, I have learned it and will not let me lose any more money because of it regardless.


Yes I see no problem with demanding Amazon paying me Interest and Inflation while they are holding thousands of $$ of mine because they cannot “verify” a completely accurate direct deposit form provided by my bank.


“Dear Amazon Please Contact Me”

This is about as effective as putting a note on the door of the fridge.

But more entertaining for us at least.


How are you in a position to make “demands” at Amazon? :laughing:

This forum is highly entertaining at times.


Good for you. Meanwhile people are pointing and laughing at you for how detached from reality you are. And Amazon is saying “Thomas who?” because they literally could not care less about you or your “error” you’ve discovered. Especially since you think you can demand anything or try to extort them.

Harsh. Truth. Tonight.


because i swear i will lobby for Amazon to pay Federal taxes and move all my business to alibaba and vote for andrew yang in 2024 UBI while taxing jeff bezos personally to pay my income.



I’m just frusterated, I have tried everything to get my payments unfrozen but still no aval.


Meanwhile people are pointing and laughing at you for how detached from reality you are.

Thank you for that, it made me laugh out loud! :rofl:



That was resolved, this is for getting my European sales transferred to my Canadian Bank account.

Balance in Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and France needs to be transferred to my bank account in Canada, but there is no way to verify my direct deposit information.


That has absolutely nothing to do with this magical error you’ve supposedly discovered, with which you are essentially threatening to extort Amazon over.

Either state a real, honest problem and stop making ridiculous threats. Or stop posting. Especially since you’ve repeatedly stated you refuse to disclose this “error” there appears to be nothing you actually want help with.


I have tried to call Amazon Seller Support.
Opened a case with Amazon seller support

Submitted all avaliable documents my bank can provide (Toronto Dominion Bank) - All Denied

Tried to email Amazon Verification Team regarding this over 10 days ago (No response)

Today I have emailed Amazon Payments team regarding this (I hope I can get a response).


Ok, that’s a pretty funny response.

I support your cause 100% now, and Amazon better contact you ASAP.


Well technically the error would be there is no way to get my Canadian Bank Account verified in European Marketplaces for Direct Deposit.


That has nothing to do with what you said in your original comments regarding costing you money when buyers enter their address.


at the time of creating this I thought there was an error occuring whenever I was shipping in Spain, that if there was no address # than the area code would populate into the address. But i realized I was wrong after reviewing a few different orders and the one buyer likely made a mistake.