Dear Amazon Please Contact Me I Have Discovered A Big Error In Your System


Dear Amazon,

I have found a big error in your system please Contact me and I will explain to you the error.

I will also need to be refunded for all the loss of revenue I have experienced because of this error!


I don’t believe any one of the mods will answer your generic message here. If you explain your issue, there is a chance it will be addressed


There is an error that occurs when the customer enters their shipping address.

This error has potentially cost me $200-300 in errors.

I need to be refunded for every $ this error has costed me by Amazon.


I will try for the last time. Be specific with what you think the error is and others will chime in. You can of course open a seller support case. No one is going to help you with these generic messages


I am not going to state the error on this forum because others will abuse it. However there is a big error on Amazon’s end that occurs when Customers enter their shipping address.

I need my lost revenue replaced by Amazon.


Then you are out of luck because nobody is going to be able to help you.


Also Amazon is holding $3500 of mine on their system because they cannot “verify” my direct deposit form.

I will also need Interest on the amount being frozen @ 7% yearly compounded Monthly. (This is the rate I can grow my investment through my own personal investments & to cover inflation caused by Amazon holding my payments).

@Amazon @JeffBezos


this is not amazon. its a forum of other sellers. you probably have shipping templates set up wrong or something, if you are talking about losing money when someone enters the address


And they can hold it as long as they want


No this is a big error in their system, Sellers Shipping in USA will not experience this error. Only sellers shipping outside USA will experience this error.


Is this about the USA/Canadian money conversion rate again?


No those have long since been resolved, please do not link dead threads.


Also the error was likely coded by someone who is not good likely outsourced or hired someone who should not have been hired. The section needs to be completed recoded.


I agree with this.

@ThomasSmith, you will need to contact Amazon yourself, and directly. You can do this with the Feedback link on the Manage Orders page, via Seller Support, or registered mail.


That wasn’t an attempt to link a “dead thread” but to better understand your issue.


Any of your payment/refund issues will need to be resolved by contacting Amazon directly, not by posting here.

  • Have you opened a case with Seller Support for these issues?
  • Have you corresponded with payments-funds?


Is this bigger than the error of hiring people who do not understand English?


Hello Papyrophilia,

Thank you for your post.I have contacted Amazon through Seller Support, Verification Team and have not contacted Amazon through Payments I will send them an email.

I am not going to go out of my way to go through Amazon’s impossible communication process to report an error. They have the absolutely worst Seller -> Amazon communication Channel.If Amazon would like to discover this Error than they can Contact me Directly otherwise anytime it does occur I will need to be refunded in full (including interest & inflation) for the payment hold time as well as removal of all negative feedbacks caused by Amazon’s Error.

I will likely give seller support a call in regards to this error, but knowing how they operate nothing will come of it (Like usual).

Until then, I will be keeping track of all $$ lost because of this error and time from when it should be paid out for a Payment required that includes Interest and Inflation.


This error is less than Amazon’s entire Seller Support Department and lack of english communiation skills and 0 ability to resolve any actual problems.


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