Dear Amazon Just a Suggestion


Hi, I am a seller of a single dental product here on Amazon. I have a FBM and FBA for the same product.
I would like to make a suggestion to Amazon to make ALL FBM products to be prime at this time. Since ALL our FBA products are being held up for over a month until delivered, try doing FBM PRIME and stop the waiting list, so sellers can fulfill and ship their products out and keep the two day shipping. This would benefit customers to be able to receive their products and help out Amazon whom is so backed up. I know that FBM products are not being seen by customers if you have a FBA prime for the same product and i also know customers have the option to purchase two day priority shipping,. but then again, the FBM is not being shown, if you have the FBA prime for same product. …


I had a similar issue (FBA & FBM on certain SKUs), so as a temporary fix, I adjusted the release date of the FBA offers to a future date, which allowed my FBM offering to take the BB. It leaves the FBA inventory stranded, but I will work that out when the situation re-calibrates

It won’t have a Prime logo, but at least you’ll have the BB on your FBM offer.


Thank you, i will look into this. I have already tried changing the price on my FBM listing, but seems that didn’t work to show the product. I do currently have 15 products pending within the past 6 days waiting to be shipped through Amazon prime. This whole situation stinks as we don’t get paid for the sales until after the 7 day delivery when people receive their products. That means i won’t be paid for these sales until May or June. UGH… depressing. Don’t know what to do.


I had tried price adjusting on my FBA items, but it didn’t work to switch the BB and, with PriceBot running amok, I didn’t want to fall afoul of any gouging algorithms. It took about 6 hours for my FBMs to take the BB after I changed the release date, and then another 7 days for AZ to fill the remaining FBA from my pending queue.

You’re right, waiting for that fulfillment can be very stressful for us little guys!


Thank you for the suggestions. I just went over to my listing and changed the info. I will update ya on what happens. Keeping fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you! Hopefully this covid thing clears up sooner than later.


Best of luck to you, too!


Speak for yourself.

I have zero interest in participating in any premium shipping plans.

I am far from being alone in this.

If you want to participate in Seller Fulfilled Prime – I think there’s a waiting list?


Yes, there is a waiting list. But Amazon should make this available for the sellers whom want to participate.Amazon doesn’t want to lose the money from fulfillment that’s probably the reason why they aren’t doing this. It’s all about the $$ not the customers in this fact


You are better off not participating at this time. We are a SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) provider, so easy for us to say. Right now we are seeing the “Prime Badge” as a negative to customers. Many items that have “Prime” even in the buy box are showing 20-30 day delivery.

I think customers are looking at FBM that offer same day shipping and reasonable delivery.

We have FBA, SFP, SFP S&L and FBM (aka FBus) many non prime items are doing better.


Thank you for this information. My FBA prime is showing over 30 days until delivered. I have added free priority shipping to my FBM listing (non prime), it’s just hard for people to see it since Amazon shows the prime one first.


Do you notice that it’s getting better? Last week it was May, today is around April.


You said the right answer. It is crazy how people put forth a suggestion and think we would all want it. I understand everyone’s frustration, wanting to keep the money rolling in during this time of uncertainty. But I also do not wish to start dealing with premium shipping rates. I like to ship the least expensive way possible, to protect whatever little profit is in the sale.


I very much doubt whether people who say things like that even consider the rest of us. He wants his MF items selling because Amazon has NOT prioritized his FBA items. He could care less when he’s ruining whatever you or I or 4000 other people have set up. It’s all about his sales and his product.

Here is the truth, Amazon can’t keep up with demand any more than Walmart or Target or the local grocery store can right now. OP, YOU should recall your FBA merch and sell every thing MF right now. That way you would control the shipping time without involving the rest of us.

The real reason you’re not getting seeing your items ship asap is Amazon is too busy shipping their own merchandise to bother shipping yours. They have Covid19-caused personnel issues the same as every place else in the world these days. People are taking time off without pay to take care of their kids, their parents and them selves leaving every warehouse shorthanded.

My solution is to not send more product to a warehouse right now and just do all MF. Maybe you should try that.


You can not recall any FBA products right now. I have two listings were I upped my FBA price and the Bots let my FBM listing get the buy box with out stranding the inventory.


I use amazon and eBay. During the month of March, my sales have Dramatically increased on eBay while the opposite is true for my AZ seller account. I am getting loads of positive feedback as well because customers are pleased with how quickly they are able to receive my items. Try using both platforms if you haven’t done so already. You will have much more success, much faster, by switching to eBay right now than by posting a suggestion to AZ in a seller forum. I agree with what another person has said- that AZ is prioritizing shipping their merchandise before those of FBA accounts.


Some of us…myself included, do not want to ship Prime FBM. I do just fine with my products being shipped first class and expedited.


I also sell on both platforms. But, my eBay sales have dropped drastically and my Amazon sales are up by 53%. I guess everyone’s story varies. Stay safe.


Fedex, UPS, DHL, USPS, are not concerned with expedited shipments at this point, and they are taking precautions to protect their employees from COVID-19. I for one cannot blame them - and neither should your buyers…

If a buyer is not willing to wait a few extra days to receive their shipments, then they should shop elsewhere.

It is time to start appreciating one another…

I ship out hundreds or orders per week without issue. Deliveries are made within 1-5 days, depending where the recipient resides. (and if the item is being shipped to an area infected with COVID-19 - there is a good possibility it will be held up until safe to deliver.)

When a buyer requests expedited shipping, I advise them there is a good possibility the shipment will NOT arrive when they expect it to.

And I was advised yesterday by Fedex, they are only concerned right now with shipments that are of medical necessity/ PPE items.

Good luck to you all, and be safe…


Pertinent article.


FBA ain’t the way