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hallo please help

amazon deaktiveted my account because they needed documents from me
i sent every thing they need on June 7, 2021
no reply from them until July 11, 2021
so i called them and they told me to send my internet service bill again because they cant open it
i sent it and they did open it and saw it and told me everything should be alright and i am in the hands of the right team …
and i will get reply in 3 days from them
until now i didnot get any thing or reply from them
i am so tired because of this problem
what can i do please ??

thnx for the help

Suspended account since May 31, 2021

You may not get a reply for 45-60 days right now.

Just Wait


As a new seller I really recommend that you read the following forum links and, if nothing else, you need to spend time reading and watching the videos in the Amazon Seller University listed down below. This will save you a good deal of heartache and frustration later on.

Amazon Seller University

I will cover the most common reasons, in no particular order, for your submission to be refused. A lack of response likely means that you are in a really long queue and they have not reached your submission yet. Amazon can take as long as 45 days to respond to your submission.

  1. You did not send the documents that they actually asked for. Many people send bank account information, landlord contracts, etc, instead of a utility bill that amazon is asking for.
  2. Your Name does not match exactly across all the documents. If one includes your middle name then they all need to. If you married and your last name changed and your documents do not match because of this then you need to fix that then resubmit the documents.
  3. Your Address does not match across all documents. North may be spelled out in one and another may simply use N instead. This does not match for Amazon.
  4. You are using a prepaid or debit card that does not act like a credit card when Amazon places its dollar hold on it to confirm it is valid.
  5. Not sending all pages of the document
  6. Utilities are in someone else’s name
  7. You have not sent one of the utility bills that they specifically asked for. This bears repeating as I see it so often on the forums.
  8. Sending screenshots
  9. Sending .docx which is not accepted
  10. No valid credit card on the account
  11. When Amazon says ‘Valid credit card on file’ they mean that it has been entered into Seller Central under ‘Account Info’ under ‘Charge Methods’. They are not asking for a credit card statement.
  12. If you are an international seller from outside the US, is your credit card open to international charges?
  13. While Amazon accepts bills and documents in PDF format, people seem to have more success with the JPG format.

Account Verification Utility Bill & Credit Card Questions

Credit Card Requirements

Seller Credit Card FAQs

Ninteen Things to do while waiting on Verification.

New Seller Checklist

Consolidated Help for New Sellers by ABC_23

Basic Need to Know Provided by Amazon Help

Lessons I’ve learned after my 1st year as an Amazon seller

Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. It can be found through the link below. This is the governing contract that you have agreed to when selling on Amazon.

Prohibited Seller Activities:


thnxx for the infos

i will do what u told me to do

but i have one question
they took the monthly fees from my master card
so is that means that my master card the card that i need for amazon??
so its valid credit card yea??


It needs to be a credit card.

Not Debit.

Not Pre-Paid.

Amazon charging the card does not make it a “valid credit card.” Not being a debit or prepaid makes it valid


how to know its valid credit card ?
i buy every thing i want online with this card


I told you how to know if it is a valid credit card. You did not answer my questions.

Click below to read more:


The card must go through Amazon’s validation process, to be considered “valid” for your Seller Account. See this Forum post for more information: July 2021: A NOTE ABOUT CREDIT CARDS AND SELLER VERIFICATION.

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