Deactivated Account


Amazon deactivated our seller account and accused us of price gouging. Until we pay our supplier/amazon fees/ and shipping we have very little profit. I think when I list a price that reflects multiple items or case pricing Amazon mistakenly views it as 1 item with a high price. Does anyone know if these notices are generated by actual people or computers? Has anyone had similar problems? I filed an appeal about 5 days ago and still no response.


Recently, Amazon made this post with some information regarding price gouging:

You can see their Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy here:

Since I see that you mentioned case pricing, do refer to bullet point three on that page that states:

  • Selling multiple units of a product for more per unit than that of a single unit of the same product.

Could this be the issue?


What were you trying to sell and what were you trying to price gouge on? Curious mind want to know.


Bots are looking at the details on the listing about the number of pieces versus price.

Be sure to edit the proper number of units on your listings details so the bots don’t screw up the math problem


Same thing happened to me. $17 amazon fee + $8 product cost $1.73 profit and I got suspended for price gouging. maybe amazon needs to consider their fees under these circumstances.


I’m going on 3 weeks with not status on my appeal. The one person i got a hold of was less then helpful. All they did was confirm my account was deactivated and told me to wait on my appeal.


Hello @Castle_Creek_Farm,

Abraham here willing to assist you further.

I understand that this issue is a trending issue and a lot of sellers are having similar issues. During this time we are taking proper precautions to insure that this pandemic isn’t being taken advantage of on our platform. Supplies are limited around the world and we have taken notice of price gouging occurring a lot on our platform.

As @Miss_Meliss stated, ensure your business reviews our Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy as it is critical that your entire inventory is following our polices.

I can offer to look at your appeal and provide feedback on it on your behalf. I would suggest that you give some background information as to the products you were flagged for prior.

I also do know that since this is such a wide issue that receiving delayed responses on your appeal is to be expected. We are working diligently to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible, so I would stress remaining patient when your appeals are submitted.

Thank you for your post and I look forward to your follow up response.



Thanks for your information. My account was deactivated and has submitted appeal with no respond same other sellers.
I do hope you Amazon team can resolve for us soon so we can back to sell.
We all do appreciate your help.


My account was suspended too, had submitted appeal but no answer yet. So stressful!


Hi @Abraham_Amazon,

Can you take a look at my account?

It says it was deactivated because it was connected to another account. The only other account that I use my email for is AWS. Another Amazon company. Why would they deactivate it because of that?


Still waiting on our account suspension to be lifted. I believe we corrected the listing errors that may have created this suspension.

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Hello Abraham_Amazon,

My account was suspended due to violate Pricing Fair Abuse, I had submitted my POA on appeal and waiting for reviewing. Please help ! Thanks


I had one production violation due to high pricing because of fba fees - I have emailed support and also submitted an appeal and I can’t get any help!