Dates are floating in Merchant Fulfillment > GetEligibleShippingServices


The entire API uses ISO 8601 dates, with time zones. Yet GetEligibleShippingServices method returns floating dates (without timezone):

<ShipDate>10/16/2018 07:41:12</ShipDate>
<EarliestEstimatedDeliveryDate>10/18/2018 02:00:00</EarliestEstimatedDeliveryDate>
<LatestEstimatedDeliveryDate>10/18/2018 02:00:00</LatestEstimatedDeliveryDate>

What does that mean?

  • Should these be treated as UTC?
  • Are these local dates related to the account?


I think you will find these to be UTC.

It’s hard to imagine the API extrapolating the caller (or the seller) local timezone. Note that seller central uses west coast time (PST/PDT) by default which would be the next most likely option for any dates you encounter that don’t seem to be UTC.


I think Advertising API does that. They do provide account time zone info and I think all of the events are in the local time zone.

I am thinking that 02:00:00 delivery time might be a hint that it is in UTC. That would be 7pm in PST, which is more realistic.

@Rick_MWS could you please clarify the above?



Would be great to get some input from MWS devs:

github ScaleLeap/amazon-mws-api-sdk: Some dates are returned as string #132

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