Damaged during transit to customer not being reimbursed


I have a few items lately that have been damaged during transit. From Amazon warehouse to the customer. Because my item is “non-returnable” they are not reimbursing. How does this make sense. What difference does it make if it’s non-returnable. If I pay Amazon to deliver it to a customer and they don’t do that how is this no reimbursable.


You should read the FBA terms and conditions so you know what they do and do not cover. Something you should have done BEFORE using FBA.


This is new. They have always reimbursed damaged in transits.


Non-Returnable units: In accordance with our Customer Returns policy, the item X0020KMCYL has been identified as non-returnable. Amazon will not reimburse sellers for items that cannot be returned, unless the item is non-returnable due to a reason for which Amazon takes responsibility. We make that determination based on the reason for the refund request provided by the customer.
Please see the Customer Returns for Orders Fulfilled by Amazon help page for more information.

My item was “damaged in transit” to the customer. Why is Amazon not taking responsibility?


I just had one of these refunds a moment ago, seems Amazon is now using boots to kick the product to the door step. Why should they care they don’t pay for it right? I see HDMS quickly came to Amazons defense well done junior scout.


Have you opened a ticket yet? My guess is they are no longer auto-reimbursing these, so you will have to initiate the reimbursement request.

Copy and paste that part of the policy along with the return reason and ask for reimbursement.

I’d like to know how this turns out for future reference!


It turns out that because the customer didn’t return it (it’s a non-returnable item) then they won’t reimburse. Apparently it has to be returned in it’s damaged state in order to be reimbursed.

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

Having read your email, I understand you wish to reason for which Amazon takes responsibility for reimbursement. I will check and help you with this.

I have checked and found that Amazon takes responsibility for the below mentioned reasons:

  1. Items damaged while in an Amazon fulfillment center.
  2. Items missing within an Amazon fulfillment center for 30 consecutive days.
  3. Items lost or damaged by the carriers and distributors that we use to deliver products to the customer.
  4. Items lost or damaged while being shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center using Amazon partnered carriers (small parcel, less than truckload, and full truckload).

I have checked and found that the order #114-6641800-7984231 is marked as non-returnable.

Whenever an customer requests refund for the order, we will request the customer to return the item for refund. Once the item is returned back to our fulfillment center, our team will investigate the returned unit is it is damaged by carrier or customer.

If the item is found to be damaged by carrier we will process the reimbursement for the order.

Since the order is marked as non-returnable we are unable to request teh customer to return the item and confirm if the item is damaged by carrier. There are chances that customer might use the reason 'damaged by carrier" just to refund for the order.

Since the order is marked as non-returnable, we are unable to process reimbursement for the order.


This is what we have experienced too. Also, when a customer goes online to pick the reason for the return/refund, it says “damaged during transit, box undamaged”. Amazon now assumes that that means the seller is obviously at fault. I’ve had plenty of items shipped to me from Amazon and other online stores that come damaged, but there’s no exterior box evidence that there’s a problem.

We contact customers about the damaged in transit item to see if there’s something that we can do in the future to minimize damage. When we get a response it’s usually something that’s out of our control like a box of crackers getting crushed inside a box with a big bottle of laundry detergent. But since it’s a non-returnable item, Amazon will not reimburse us. We’ve followed this up the chain to supervisors and always get the same response. Yes, it’s frustrating.


Not sure I am following you.
Damaged in transit IS covered per policy.
Where are you reading that it is not covered please (assuming this is your understanding)?


The 2 statements contradict each other.
Escalate to a manager.