Customers Not Receiving Emails Leads to Negative Feedback


Received a customer complaint for order not received. Checked the tracking. Post office tried to deliver but their mail box was so full that they couldn’t deliver so they left a call tag and they are awaiting pickup at the post office (On-Time!). Contacted the customer via email to explain the situation and received no response from them. That was yesterday. Today we received negative feedback as apparently the customer drove home 300+ miles “expecting” their packages to be sitting in their mail box. All 250lbs worth of chain and chain binders…
Customer never replied to our email.
Anyhow, I contacted Amazon to see what can be done to contact the customer as they obviously did not receive my email. Basically was told tough luck and was offered no course of action beyond just to refund the order and eat the negative feedback as “it’s the customers opinion”. Meanwhile the customer still doesn’t know where their stuff is because Amazon cannot provide a means of communication between me and the customer that actually works. I have found that many emails go to spam in email systems and other customers simply don’t know how to access their messages within their account.
I don’t mind refunding for orders that don’t not show up but for the customer to not be able to receive communication and then take it out in the form of negative feedback that was completely out of our control is just wrong. It doses not help either the seller or the buyer in this case and Amazon has nothing to say…
Is there any higher up customer service people that can actually help resolve these issues to a point that does’t hurt us sellers for blatant Amazon glitches, etc.?
Or should I just remember my place in that I’m to serve and not be served?


What does your negative feedback say? If its anything related to the carrier or any issue of that sort you should be able to reopen the case.


I drove back home 300 miles to get my chains, and they are not here yet, you or costing me a lot of money and time, i have called amazon a lot of times checking to see where my stuff is and they dont even know,

Customer also included a phone number which I removed here for privacy…


If they left their phone number in the feedback…that is a removable reason.


Amazon said only “seller personal identifiable info” can be removed, not the buyers info. I specifically noted that and they denied it for that reason.


You should reopen the case, then type out something like - USPS tried to deliver the customers items but were unsuccessful ( insert what USPS told you ) Or The delivery was attempted but USPS could not complete it and therefore this isn’t related to my customer service. You need to keep reiterating that it was the carriers fault and not your own. Do not call and tell them this simply reopen the case and submit your reasons for why it should be removed. It may not work but you can try, we have had luck in the past with this.


Yes, i missed that! There cant be any personal information.


Did you buy shipping with Amazon?


Nope, we buy all our USPS postage through ShipStation as they have a better price. And in regards to that, it is the same service. I understand Amazon would back me up if I had bought it through their service and paid their “fee”. Once again, the seller get’s punished for doing what we are supposed to do.