Customer service mistakenly deactivate my North America seller account


Hi, I am in desperate. This is from United States. I contacted UK customer service to ask them to deactivate my Europe seller account. They did do so, but I also find they deactivate my North America seller Account. I have no way to access Europe seller account, ask for help. I can still log in to my North America seller Account, but all things are gone.

I called UK seller account. They said it may be caused by the option, Single Sign in. I did have the same account for both North America seller account and Europe seller account. They can’t help me as they can’t access North America seller account.

At the same time, I think my North America seller account is not closed, as I can still login in. Just that I can’t access seller control panel for listings, orders, etc. It may be just a permission issue, but I don’t have the right to set it. It should not be a hard case.

It’s being over 10 days now. The customer service told me that they are looking into it. But nothing is done, no progress was updated. It’s Amazon screwed up my account, not my fault. I need the account back to normal to do business.

What shall I do ??? Thanks for the help.


Seller Accounts can’t be closed unless the account balance is zero and 90 days past the last transaction passed. If your account met these conditions, then you won’t be able to have it reopened following a closure.

Since you are still able to login to your USA Seller Central, then this account isn’t fully closed and you should be able to have it reopened by contacting the Seller Support. But you will need to give them some time to process the request.