Customer returns empty envelope


I had a few FBA returns shipped back to me only to find out the customer shipped back an empty envelope and kept the product! they got a refund and return nothing? I’m starting to notice people are also returning part of the product and keeping some, anyone else having his problem? what does Amazon normally do in these cases? you would think they would notice no product being returned.


You need to report it to Amazon. We always at least get the product back or some product back.

Not sure why Amazon would send you empty envelopes.


I guess the returns department didn’t check the package, I had to send photos and tracking return slip and they are going to reimburse me, these aren’t really big ticket items $9.95 each, but I am seeing this more often people seem to be taking advantage of the no questions asked returns policy, in the past I’ve even had someone return an empty bottle of car wax and the dirty rag after they waxed there car.


I have just had this happen to me - where do I send photos and return slip? I can’t believe people do this!


You’ll have to report it to AZ, they asked me to send a photo including the tracking barcode they put on the return.


hi, i am not sure if this is the right place for my issue but it looks similar. customer bought 20 cases of paper. after 3 days customer says they havent received it, amazon gave a full refund of $1159.80 to the customer despite delivery shown via tracking number. Customer emails amazon after 1 day that they received all 20 cases and would like a retro charge to be done on their account. amazon emails us about the retro charge. we call the customer and customer says they will make the payment. After which they stopped responding to calls or messages. filed a safe t claim got rejected. opened multiple cases but amazon is still working on this since 3 months. guys, experts, we really need help in understanding this and need advice of what needs to be done. anyone, please.


@RETAIL_SOLUTIONS please open your own thread. Your issue has nothing to do with the OP’s issue or FBA