Customer ratings - worst Amazon initiative?


Since when Amazon started sending emails to leave a rating after a purchase without the requirement to leave a comment/review, products now show number of ratings and number of reviews, both having an impact on the overall star-rating:


The additional ratings (that nobody can see) come from Amazon emails that just ask customers to broadly “RATE” their experience with the seller after purchasing the product.

The customer is not required to leave a comment or review. Just a “star rating”. And practically the customer can give a bad rating having in mind late shipment, order not received, damaged packaging (all for which Amazon should take responsibility for FBA orders, not sellers), etc.

Why is this one of the worst Amazon initiatives? Because it give the sellers zero information about each “rating” and customers who left those ratings, why the customers left those ratings, etc. All can sellers do, is just observe what is happening.

Why doesn’t Amazon make a survey first among sellers before rolling out such important changes? Let the sellers vote: Yes, No. Many disasters for sellers would be avoided in such a way.

What other Amazon initiatives do you believe are among the worst?


I think it is actually a great initiative.

Requiring to write an actual review only results in annoying buyers and abandoning rating.

As a buyer I would only waste my time to actually write a review only if everything went wrong.

When everything is as expected I don’t mind to click to give you 4-5 stars but if I need to spend time writing something I’d rather walk away.

Rating will become much more relevant.


LSS01, from a buyer point of view, I would agree with you. The buyer doesn’t care where the seller’s responsibility ends and where Amazon’s responsibility begins. So for example if the buyer doesn’t receive an FBA order, the buyer will most probably leave a 1-star rating without any comments.
Why should the seller and product rating take the hit if the fulfillment is Amazon’s responsibility?
The buyer would be tempted to give a low star rating just for one thing that went wrong, anything, especially because it is anonymous and doesn’t have to justify the star rating with a comment/review.
I doubt that customers who don’t want to waste time for reviews, would make a list of criteria related to their purchase, then give a degree of importance to each criteria, then rate each criteria separately, then multiply each rating with the degree of importance, then sum it all up to get a a fair overall star rating :)))


Its sounds like you are concerned about negative reviews and want to make rating harder for all buyers to eliminate as much reviews as possible.

I am not afraid of negative reviews.

But I want buyers who satisfied be able to give their stars to me with no troubles for them.

Unsatisfied buyers will leave their reviews anyway - it makes them feel good to leave negative review. I don’t mind.


LSS01, I don’t want to make rating harder for all buyers. I am saying that a broad anonymous product rating is not helpful at all for sellers.

You would become concerned about ratings when you start noticing an increase in your products’ anonymous ratings without having an idea what is happening. These anonymous ratings would also open the door for black-hat tactics against competition.


As long as you keep majority of Amazon buyers satisfied and happy it should not be any problem for you as new system makes rating easier and encourages everyone to leave review, not just some unhappy persons.


Looks like you have not read what @AmzFan wrote.

He clearly stated (in 2 replies) that the concern is about receiving negative ratings for things which fall into FBA responsibility and are therefore not the seller’s fault.
He also very clearly stated that the concern is regarding black hat players abusing this feature to manipulate.
Your replies seem completely detached from this.
Majority doesn’t have to do with this. Majority could be 51%. Not sure how useful it is to have a feedback of 51%.


new approach will of course show more precise rating, so if only 51% customers are satisfied you will not be able to sell on Amazon for long.


LSS01, I would agree with you that the new approach would show a more precise rating IF, and only if the new approach would ensure that ALL buyers vote. Without exception.
However, just like with reviews, everybody knows that satisfied buyers are less motivated to leave reviews/feedback. They receive the product, use it, everything is fine and they don’t have any incentive for opening Amazon’s emails related to the order and leave a rating.
Unsatisfied customers (whatever their reasons are, including Amazon’s fault) will have an easy way to leave an anonymous 1-star product rating that you cannot appeal because you have no information at all about star ratings.
No matter how you look at it from a seller perspective, it is just detrimental to both sellers and possibly customers that shop for newly launched products. And I will explain why.

When you launch a product, reviews for honest sellers come slow. You may have the best product in the world, but if your recently launched product receives a 5-star review and then a 1-star rating for Amazon knows what (because you don’t), then your overall star rating gets hit pretty hard. Or worse, if your first star rating comes as an anonymous 1-star rating, it will be very difficult to recover.
Now less honest sellers that know how to get reviews fast and maybe selling an inferior quality product, will not be affected.

LSS01, I don’t know who you are, but if you work at Amazon and you came up with this idea, you can also suggest to Amazon to make a survey about it and I guarantee that the majority of sellers will voice the same concerns. It is just a bad idea. A ticking disaster (for sellers).


what about the search changes. They have made my listings all but invisible. I have made Amazon $$ for almost ten years and am now getting NO Orders.


Is this one-tap review system for product review only? Or it can be for amazon seller feedback, too?


Is there a way to see the Customer Ratings?


I would 100% agree with this. I started my business in 2016. 16’-18’ were great years of growth however with the trade war and since the A10 changes our sales have plummetted. We used to be first page for a majority of our top selling keywords and now were on like page 13. Tons of inferior and cheap crap are now filled before us. A10 is definitely another horrible one… With the one two punch combo with A10/trade war we are likely closing our doors Q2 2020 for amazon sales.


No way to see customer ratings. When you hover over a product’s rating you can only see that there are X ratings and Y reviews. Seeing those ratings without reviews is impossible. They just hit your overall star rating.


This is not good. Anyone can attack my products overall rating without validity . I can’t try to address or investigate the issue . This also seems like the perfect way for a competitor to attack my listing. Fail