Customer Product Review Policies - Seeking Your Questions


You can still ask for a product review, but you can’t offer anything for the review. I think Amazon can’t get any more clear to state, “don’t manipulate product reviews in any way” to all sellers. There was never anything we could do about product reviews even in the past. Product reviews were always 100% off-limits to sellers. We should probably not even read the reviews people leave as the unfair negative reviews only makes us feel wronged and helpless. This strict process however also protects the integrity of the product reviews at the same time. If Amazon removed these product reviews per requests of sellers, there wouldn’t be any negative reviews and you couldn’t really trust the reviews. Amazon would be just like ebay. It is a double edged sword. If you sell good products, I found over many years of experience that the reviews do indeed reflect the actual quality of the products themselves in a broader perspective.


Do you know how many “buyer’s” actually earn a living getting paid by companies to write positive reviews, bury bad reviews and other nefarious activities on Amazon?

-I get calls soliciting me to get paid $17 - $50 an hour to write product reviews.

OTHERS ARE WORSE and I quote (just one section):

“Get Genuine Verified Reviews (USA Only)
Full report with order id will be provided to you after the reviews.
We have 10,000+ high quality USA buyers in our system.
All reviews are real and honest opinions from real USA buyers.
We can’t guarantee the reviews will stay forever as Amazon is removing all kinds of reviews like crazy now. But we can guarantee that our reviews are 100% safe for your account and product. You account has 0 risk to be banned.
$20+product cost per review. Min 10 reviews /ASIN to order.
Please email us with your product link and the amount of reviews you need to calculate the cost.​”


(Amazon, contact me if you want me to name names in private…I will not post these companies names here to prevent this from spreading further)


I wonder if it applies to those Chinese Sellers as well or just the sellers in U.S.


Is asking for a review outside of amazon via email allowed as long as it is neutral?


What is Performance’s definition of “in exchange for” and “incentivized”? Sellers seem to think it is holding a discount, coupon, reward hostage and forces the customer to leave a review otherwise they won’t get said reward. It seems Performance interprets it as doing anything nice to a customer or providing any type of discount and then asking for an unbiased review. It would be nice to have clarity on this.


If one buyer give almost all negative review for every item order from amazon.
It is not fair to the seller.
Will amazon give any solutions to protect the seller benifit?


Can you provide exact language you approve of us using to ask for a review?


Can we ask for reviews in a neutral manner on inserts?


Is there a discount threshold where we are NOT allowed to ask for a review? If someone buys for 70% off but is asked for an unbiased review, is that allowed?


If someone leaves a product review in the feedback section, are we allowed to instruct them that Seller Feedback is for shipping and provide a link to leave it as a review if they would like?


To what extend do you protect sellers from hijackers selling our product and violating the review policy? It seems you have opened up a whole new way for blackhat competitors to get us suspended and banned. The 3rd party language seems quite vague and could be a way to allow competitors to weaponize this policy and get us shut down.


Are we allowed to comment on negative reviews to provide directions, guidance or help for a refund or replacement as long as we do not ask them to update, change or delete their review?


Why won’t Amazon remove negative product reviews that were left because of Amazon’s own fulfillment error?


How can the playing field for sellers be evened out between sellers/products dating before the October 16 policy change who have hundreds/thousands of reviews many of which are (allowed) incentivised reviews and newer listings that are able to collect very few reviews under the current policy?


Can a seller ask for a product review from a customer who has left a seller review?


Please advise how Amazon will better communicate policy changes to reviews in the future. All product reviews are now being shown by child ASIN instead of being combined to one parent ASIN.

Please clarify how seller’s should communicate concerns to Amazon when product reviews are incorrectly associated with child ASINs. (i.e. what happens when a buyer order multiple child ASINs from the same parent ASIN in one order- how is the review allocated?)

How can sellers re-combine reviews to a single parent ASIN when separating out by child doesn’t make sense to the customer or seller? This is particularly problematic for Parent ASINs that very only by color or size or where a high number of variations are involved.



Since it is almost impossible to get early reviews. Beside early review programs, will Amazon be implementing ways to help new products to gain initial reviews or perhaps a system to help consumer to buy. E.g. a product metrics compare other similar products in terms of number of units sold, return ratio, and etc that can help buyers to buy. Also, for those who didn’t leave review and didn’t submit a return over a certain period of time, can that metrics help show up on the website to help other potential buyers on buying decision?


As part of changes to Product Review policy will Amazon take action to reduce or attempt to eliminate abuse of the “Helpful” review voting?

We have struggled with this and have been assured now for more than a year that it is in process without seeing any results. Suddenly 4-5 year old negative 1 star reviews go from having 0 or 1 “Helpful” votes to having 15-20 all at once. While it is hard to provide evidence we feel this is practiced by sellers of competing products, hurts our business and importantly misleads Amazon retail customers.


How does the “negative review” of 0.5% - 1% (essentially a rounding-error) carry so much weight, compared to the 99% of buyers that leave a “positive review” or do not leave a review at all?

Perhaps a better way to present this is percentage of negative reviews per items purchased.


Hello Susan,

Question: Can Amazon add the SELLER’s name, who sold the product, to all Product Reviews?


For over 6 years, I have been suggesting, directly to Amazon, that the SELLER’S name, should be associated with the Product Review.

If there are 20 sellers, on a listing and half, are shipping the legitimate item and the other half, are shipping, something entirely different, a look-a-like, a counterfeit, etc…, it will help Buyers, make an informed and intelligent decision, from whom, they should make a purchase.

This would cut done, immensely, on Sellers, who have no consideration for a listing, adding their offer to an existing listing, without paying attention to the details of the item and protect, legitimate Sellers of the product.

  • Verified purchase / Unverified
  • Amazon Buyer’s handle
  • Title of Listing
  • Amazon Seller’s name, who sold the product

Also, the co-opting of listings, has to stop.

My favorite example, discovered, when I was looking for a, Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard

Format for reporting, co-opted ASINs:

Should we report to media? List of ASINs with 100's of OBVIOUSLY FAKE REVIEWS - Amazon doing nothing
1000 plus Hijacked 5 star verified purchase reviews on a single product
Product Reviews being moved to Seller Feedback, by Amazon?
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