Customer phone number anonymization


Amazon has enough influence and accounts for a large enough share of UPS’s business that I would be surprised if UPS does not change their system to allow for 5 digit extensions to accommodate Amazon.


labels through amazon buy shipping with the new phone numbers are being printed 999-999-9999 on the labels!!! i still don’t know how amazon ever got so big. i was in IT for 25 years…you don’t roll changes out before you test!!!


How is this going for all you guys? Look like the major roll out was this week. For us it changed over night from customer phone to amazon phone with ext.


This is probably true!


Just wanted to let you know that all the fedex labels that have anonymization phone number on the order and printed through Seller Central Buy Shipping come out printed per attached - e.g. (999) 999-9999 instead of the anonymized number.


First Full Week and it is a TOTAL FAILURE! UPS will not accept the number plus the extension when creating the shipping label.

Unless I am doing something wrong when entering the number. I have tried every combination of entry I can think of and it rejects. So how do we enter contact info for the carrier to contact the customer?

I ship wheels and quite often UPS must call to verify delivery.

Any Ideas?


Until and unless UPS modifies their software to accept 5-digit extensions, the options are limited as pointed out in the new Seller Help Content Amazon News linked in the initial post:

"…In limited cases, such as Value Added Services orders, orders shipped to customers outside the United States, and orders using the freight shipping template, we still provide actual customer phone numbers. "

This is likely to cost UPS enough money that it will modify their system - given Amazon’s clout, it could already be underway - but it’s also likely that this is going to be a bloody mess in the interim…


So business customers do not have anonymized phone numbers? We have noticed these still come through.


we are finding orders printed through amazon buy shipping missing parts of the address because they are too long and amazon system is just cutting it off at your expense when it is returned and the $16 address correction fees.


@SEAmod I understand why you removed a portion of my post. However, I think point #2 was still perfectly acceptable and very important for the seller I was responding to to understand. Unless you agree that because he’s selling tech gear he can bend the rules???


Same Problem:
The 5 Digit extension can not be added to any orders-We use UPS and it allows for only 4 more numbers…I tried everything…One would think whomever beta tested this should have worked with logistics to find out how many digits each shipper allows. Only thing we are doing on the freight orders is putting phone # on address line #2. At the present time on regular shipments we are not adding # as all of the shipments are automated=phone # does not work.


All the shipment I ship through DHL will be held. Because the DHL delivery person doesn’t know how to call the customer with extension. Dhl shipping label doesn’t accept extension. So they email us saying customer phone number is wrong. Really i am upset because of this nonsense anonymous phone number system


It seems like the temporary phone number not always work for us. Phone always drop after we finish dialing the customer’s zip code. It happen to us few items already.


@Luxor_Outlet why are you trying to call the number? The phone number is for use by the carrier during delivery.


We only call the number for LTL orders, but we received call from our carrier regarding to the same issue. so we decided to confirm the # first. Customer not always replay their Amazon message.


This is a problem for those of us who sell large items which are being delivered via freight and/or White Glove delivery.

Amazon is NOT the only business in the world who is busy and who implements automated systems to expedite things and make everyone’s lives easier.

Most delivery companies now use automated systems to call the number and leave a message as to the date and time for delivery. They also leave a phone number to call back if this time frame is not convenient for the customer.

If the delivery company’s automated system calls one of the Amazon “paranoia numbers” and leaves a message… NO ONE IS GOING TO GET THE MESSAGE!!

Unbelievable! Bezos has more money than he will ever be able to spend in 40 lifetimes… yet he is stressing out every moment worrying that some unethical seller may circumvent him and cost him a few hundred dollars.

It would seem to me the better solution would be to DUMP the sellers who are found to be unethical. Then everything runs smoothly and Bezos can get a good night’s sleep!