Customer phone number anonymization


If the carrier mis-delivers to somebody two blocks down the street, and marks it delivered, then how would the carrier be able to call the buyer when looking to resolve the problem if they phone number I can provide them has changed to somebody else’s undelivered order cross country.


While the incorrect delivery would be an issue, the worry about the “unique number” being linked to a different order should not happen (as long as Amazon is competent). There should be a near limitless amount of numbers since it should be using some-type of software on Amazon’s end to direct calls to the correct customer.


I read this whole thread and do not see anybody mentioning what I believe is the biggest problem with this policy: If you use FedEx, they require a phone number in case of delivery problems. However, if you try to enter the standard number AND the extension, you get an error message. There is no way to give FedEx that extension, even if drivers were willing to jump through hoops to use it. I have NEVER called a customer, and would prefer not to. I agree that sellers who do that, for any reason other than to solve a problem, should be penalized. But this policy seems to be aimed at discouraging sellers to use their own carriers, rather than Amazon delivery.


Just bought a UPS ground label through amazon and there is no phone number on the label. Not sure if that is the norm for amazon UPS labels but when I print them through my UPS software they are there.


Hopefully you are right about that.

How do you respond to:


I thought - since everybody told me - contacting a customer for ANY reason is prohibited. But this quote says it’s ok if it’s about a delivery issue. I’m confused now…


We sell from europe and ship to US always by freight (not FBA, we use DHL).
Does this change impacts on us?
Don’t like at all phone to US customers, but sometimes it is the last chanche to contact them about orders details if they don’t reply at Amazon messages (and they do most of time).


yea common misunderstanding from those that do not read the entire thing. See below.

“As a reminder, in accordance with our Communication guidelines, you should only contact customers to fulfill an order.
You or your delivery carrier may only contact the customer via phone for delivery issues through our phone number anonymization system.”

Thus you can still reach out to them Via Phone if its in Policy!.


Then you need to provide your Business Number. so they can contact someone that cares if the shipment has an issue.


Wrong. !!! that has always been out of policy.


Would the phone # be recycled?
What if call the wrong buyer?


Including my phone number would not help at all. If FedEx can’t find the address or can’t deliver it for some reason, I’m not going to be able to help them on the spot. I would have to contact the buyer using the randomized number, hope they answer, and then get back to the driver, who is not going to want to hang around and wait for an answer. I will end up with non-delivery and a big headache!


Both times I was contacted by the buyer for items showed delivered, but was not received, when I started investigation with USPS, they asked for the phone number for the recipient. Both times I was able to provide the phone number (this was before anonymization) and the cases were resolved quickly.

The anonymized number with extension should be OK for the intended purpose, as long as it doesn’t get deactivated or reassigned shortly after “delivered”.


you are perfect to go work overseas for amazon seller support…


I had applied freight template to furniture listing, let’s see what happens when they implement.

If it not works we can put our own phone number on BOL.

Thirds way we should constantly watch shipment for movement. When tracking says" appointment" we can contact customer and get appointment for truck driver.

This is going to be tough.


Per, UPS does not allow phone extensions with more than 4 digits to be used. So, the 5 digit extensions you are currently providing can NOT be input when making a shipping label. If you try to, UPS produces error #1503 which reads “Extension may not exceed length of 4. (UPS: 1503)”

If you are going to use this anonymous system, you should use a maximum of 4 digits per extension.

All active orders which have the anonymous phone numbers with 5-digit extensions could actually prove now to be more difficult to deliver since the UPS driver or customer service person whom might need to contact the customer for delivery will not know there is a 5 digit extension that needs to be dialed.


Those of us who sell large, overweight items which need to be shipped via freight, need to have a way to contact the customer to tell him delivery will be on Tuesday between the hours of 10am and 2pm.

In these cases… someone over the age of 18 needs to be available to sign for the delivery. One cannot leave a $1500 La-Z-Boy recliner on the front porch with NO signature confirming delivery.


Nail, meet hammer.


A-to-z has always recognized replacements for us and we’re FBM. We just have to send a tracking number.


Then you’ve been very lucky.