Customer phone number anonymization


I should have expected that. Let me try again. How does a seller indicate that a certain template is for freight so that Amazon will notice that and not randomize the phone number?


“From the ‘Settings’ drop-down on Seller Central, select ‘ShippingSettings’.
Click ‘CreateNewShippingTemplate’.
Select ‘FreightShipping’, or choose from one of your existing freight shipping templates, and then click ‘OK’.”

Then you assign SKUs that will ship freight to that template.


only small problem i see is that about 25% of the people who contact us have no god darn clue how to use there own message system. and about 30% of the people we have to message NEVER message back and if we do call them which is extremely rare, nearly 100% of them have no clue how to check there messages.


EDITTED: Not everyone has that option. You have to be invited.


Then you do have a problem with the policy…because, no, there are NO checks and balances in place to protect the seller. I agree with your reasoning…but those checks and balances are not there and sellers will be the ones with the piano falling on their heads.


Half? If you are getting half of your customer messages replied to, that is about 10x more than most other sellers are getting. We might get 1 reply for every 20 emails sent about important details.


Highly doubt they would shut the account down for first infraction.


Many a times when order shows delivered and customer says not received
Now you email the customer and he doesn’t respond
The only way to reach customer is phone number

My question to amazon is, when you have annonymous calling facility
Why remove buyer’s phone number

There can be a lot of other such post delivery issues where you might need to reach the customer…why end of the road ??


As a buyer and a seller on Amazon,
I’m inclined to believe that sellers can not ask buyers for the phone number due to potential privacy issues.
Telling them your phone number means that the seller will call you at any time if you leave a negative feedback or review.
What’s more, your privacy would be invaded because your information might be collected by some 3rd party groups and use your information for another purpose.
So I agree—Customer phone number anonymization.


EXACTLY. Ive had two sellers call me. One was to alert me they were out of stock which was done on a friday at 10pm. The other was to ask for feedback, done at 6am.I reported both sellers to Amazon as not only was this annoying but DO NOT call me at 6am


WRONG! Go back and check that link again. Here is what it actually says:

How do anonymized phone numbers work?
When your carrier calls the phone number during delivery, they will be prompted to enter the five-digit extension for the phone number and the postal code. Once both are entered correctly, they will be connected to the customer.

Oh yes it does! We ONLY ship freight and it has become an absolute nightmare!

Trucking companies do not have the time to be jumping through a lot of hoops to appease Amazon. They have their own businesses to run and couldn’t give a **** about Amazon’s paranoia!

Also… drivers are driving their 18-wheelers, loaded with tons of furniture, and making quick calls to customers to tell them they are running a bit late and will be there at approximately 3pm (or whatever).

They cannot be dialing numbers… waiting for the prompt… entering extensions… waiting for the prompt… entering zip codes… then in many cases the number winds up being a business number which requires that they additionally press 1 for this and 2 for that… and after all of that they get someone’s voice mail :roll_eyes:


Only the most UN-professional, IDIOT sellers would do something this ludicrous!

These sellers need to be thrown off Amazon… end of story… and the end of such problems!


I agree. I see two fatal flaws to this new practice.

Amazon’s email is ineffective and not timely in communicating with buyers. My estimate is that fully 60% do not respond ever to emails. And those that fail to give a phone # (currently) are the worst. So relying on this as a means to solve urgent problems is a sure path to failure.

Second, many problems can be resolved after delivery. But if the phone# goes away at time of delivery, then carriers cannot use that and it means problem shipment will be returned rather than delivered. That raises risk & cost.

What it points us towards is using signature confirmations on all orders above a rather low value. Buyers generally don’t like signature confirmation, but that becomes are ONLY tool to insure proper delivery.


As of today, my sales have reverted to showing true phone numbers. Was the anonymization rolled back for all?

EDIT: 5/6/19 Orders later in the day yesterday were back to anonymization except business buyers. Today’s orders also have anonymized phone numbers.


it says in the post the temporarily phone number is valid untill the package is delivered, this system is used by Uber as well.


I checked when the announcement was made and haven’t seen it (yet).


This is same situation as Uber passenger and Uber eats. When you order something from any restaurant, you don’t know drivers’ phone number but you can communicate with the “fake” phone number. I believe that it good but I assume that it will make some problems. Customer care employees must work more.


This seems like an excellent idea for a customer’s privacy. The only issue, as other people are stating it, what if a package is marked delivered when it really has not been delivered yet, which occurs more often than it should.


What happens if a customers number has an extension. How will you know what it is if its hidden?


Thank you but not helpful!