Customer phone number anonymization


No, it more than likely will just not get delivered then. And then you have a customer saying “It says delivered but I never got it!”… and you know that only leads to problems for us sellers. Sounds like a great plan :roll_eyes:


I at least think there needs to maybe be a time frame after it’s marked delivered for it to stay active… 24 hours at least? Better yet 3 days to allow for weekends?


This is a really bad idea. We sell expensive tech gadgets. Sometimes when we have a return, a customer forgets to remove the icloud account/ gmail account/passcode. This renders the phone useless. All it does is take a phone call and customers are helpful in giving their icloud/ passcode. Also some here will say why not include instructions to remove it. To that we say 1. We do email instructions but sometimes the customer does not read their emails. Also for each device the reset to remove icloud is different.



Unfortunately I believe that is actually against the phone number use policy anyway, even when you have their number.


Alas if we only sold reeds and not a $1000 item that can be rendered useless by not removing the icloud account.


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yes, we are are shipping via freight and worried about this change.


So it looks like regular customers have this new number with the extension but our business customers seem to have their normal number. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this. I have no problem with this policy, as long as checks and balances are put into place to protect the seller also, in the unlikely event that a package is misdelivered and the carrier needs to contact the buyer for any reason. The problem that I could foresee is, we have had customers contact us up to 2 weeks after supposed “delivery” stating not received. It doesn’t happen very often but if the carrier needs to contact the customer to get more details, and can’t, then what happens? Automatic denial of claim. Like I said. Checks and balances are needed. I understand there are the bad apples that seem not to follow policy and this may be how Amazon will be able to catch them going against policy, but what about us who NEVER contact customers except through the correct means? I could see problems arriving in the future with expiring phone numbers.


If they did that we would have a fraction of the problems. I’d rather email than call anyway, so I have a record of it.


Never understood why some people are so skittish about giving a telephone number it, yet have no qualms about giving their full address to sellers. Isn’t a stranger having your address more dangerous than a simple telephone number? I’ve never dialled a customer and don’t forsee this change having any impact on me. However, people have raised very important points in this thread.


@mjb Unless you like throwing $$ to the wind, do not send a replacement. Amazon does not recognise FBM replacements.

If you are worried about INR, then use AZ Buy Shipping or request a signature.


This would all be great… IF the buyers would actually respond to messages sent in regard to the item purchased.

Maybe a reminder should be sent to BUYERS as well. Half of them NEVER respond to the messages. This makes it very difficult for those of us who need the buyer to confirm they will be at home during their specific delivery window to accept the delivery of a large and/or expensive item.


“As a reminder, in accordance with our Communication guidelines, you should only contact customers to fulfill an order.
You or your delivery carrier may only contact the customer via phone for delivery issues through our phone number anonymization system.”

Thus you can still reach out to them Via Phone if its in Policy!.


Agreed! We ship via freight as well. One customer’s phone number was her work phone number.
To contact her to give her the delivery date… one had to dial the number… then enter the extension… then enter the delivery zip code.

Then you need to press 1 for this… 2 for that… and wait on the line before finally being connected to the woman you are looking for. After all of that… you get her voice mail. The delivery company had to leave a message, asking her to reply to let them know if the delivery date would work for her.

The delivery company needed a yes or no within a few hours or they would schedule someone else in that spot. It took her 2 days to get back to them.

By that time the original delivery date had been booked… so back to square one. They informed her that I would be contacting her for the next available delivery date in her area.

They dumped the whole thing back in my lap, as they said they are extremely busy and do not have the time to go through all of this. They asked me to get a number where she could be reached more easily.

After finally getting a delivery date setup… we had to go through all of this again to confirm her 3-hour delivery window.

I was told their drivers are not going to go through all of this either. They needed a number where she could be reached on the day of delivery to let her know when they are on their way.

I told them not to bother trying to let her know they are on their way… as the only phone number we have is her work number. On the day of delivery she will be at home during the delivery window. Just deliver it and get it over with! :roll_eyes:

It must be horrible to have 160 billion dollars and counting… yet still have to be so paranoid that if some unethical seller were to actually speak to one of the customers you might lose a few bucks.

Seems like it might be lot easier to simply dump those sellers who cannot operate in an ethical manner.

Amazon would be a better place as a result. They seem to have an inordinate number of unprofessional sellers.


It won’t apply to orders shipped with the freight template.


I don’t understand how Amazon can be so concerned that a seller may contact a customer and that they (Amazon) may be circumvented.

Yet, there are people who list contact information on their storefront page and Amazon does not seem to be at all concerned about that.

I have an unethical competitor who lists the following on his storefront page:

Seller XYZ offers quality products at competitive prices. We have many more items in our our inventory, however many of them have not been listed yet on Amazon.

If you have found an item that we don’t have listed, it is very likely we can get it for you at a very good price. You can email us a picture or a link to the item and we will respond promptly.

You may call us TOLL-FREE at 888.000.1234 or email us at: :roll_eyes:

If this isn’t a blatant attempt to drive traffic directly to their store and circumvent Amazon, then I don’t know what is.


Again, a few bad apples spoiled the bunch. Why not just suspend sellers who violate the existing policy. Why make life difficult for the 99% of sellers who follow the rules??


Duh! Of course they will be recorded. A bot will listen to it. If you somehow say the words that the bot doesn’t like, your account will be shut down.

For example if you said something like, “Thank you for removing your negative feedback. Your refund was previously processed and you should already have your money back in your account.” Then it will assume because you said refund and feedback and remove at the same time that you were manipulating feedback and your account will be shut down for feedback manipulation and no one at SS will really know why and (of course) that cannot talk to seller-performance because, well, no one really knows why, but they can’t.


What is a “freight template”?


A shipping template for items that ship via freight.