Customer phone number anonymization


Where does this temp number come from?


nice name


Unfortunately we run into this on a regular basis, and this change would cause even more problems trying to settle carrier claims from packages marked delivered but customer says they didn’t get it. It is already a big enough hassle to get UPS to investigate at all when there is no phone number provided.


Perfect . It can build reputation to Amazon . As Amazon cares the privacy of their customers .


I guess at least something is being done, I sure am tired of getting negative feedbacks from customers whose packages come back to me for a bad address, usually “forwarding time expired” and over 6 years, I have had about a 20% success rate of a customer EVER responding to a message I send through the Amazon messaging system. People just get angry at me and I always see that phone number just staring at me on their invoice while NOT being allowed to use it to solve such simple problems. So many times I get a message back from Amazon when I try to contact a customer that says “their email address is no longer valid but they will be able to see your message when they log into their buying account” Yup 20% of them see it over 6 years, would be so much easier to just call their phone number so as I started, I guess this upcoming “new” way will at least let me get a bump in reaching customers and maybe avoid a negative or two or a claim or two here and there…


The amazon messaging system is horrible, clearly most customers never receive our emails. Amazon needs to notify customers when they login that they have a new message, like ebay and etsy does. Too many of their emails get blocked by spam filters.


Doesnt matter. USPS routinely marks things delivered when it hasnt been. Amazon will just tell a seller “not Amazons problem, you are the seller you are responsible until it is delivered.” All the responsibility, none of the tools or authority.


Customer phone numbers are no longer available to Amazon sellers. We have removed access to these phone numbers to protect customer privacy.

Great. So because of all the sellers who were ignoring the policy and calling their buyers anyway, even the sellers who only used buyer phone numbers to provide them to the carrier will be punished.

I just checked one of my recently received orders and I can not imagine how will I provide the “code” to my carrier in Europe and explain him how to use it.

There is no way I will be able to insert this into the shipping company’s phone number form.


The policy still states that you are not to call customers unless it is regarding delivery. The same restrictions apply as with actual numbers and with the new system Amazon can easily track sellers that call buyers.


I understand that BUT seller support has told me I may only use that number as a last recourse for delivery and that I must get their permission 1st or they themselves will try calling the customer and if that fails, permission will be granted


What about replacements when customer says INR via UPS/Fedex.
I am pretty sure Amazon’s own delivery services will still have access to these numbers even after delivery


Search through the forums for “seller support told me” something was okay or similar phrases and see how many threads of suspended sellers that relied on what seller support you will find. The number is fairly high. You will also find that seller performance does not accept the fact that seller support gave incorrect information as an excuse in appeals, especially when there is official written information that contradicts what seller support may have said.


OP states the number dies upon delivery.


Replacements aren’t really a thing for FBM sellers. Like, you can totally do them, but it won’t save you when Amazon gets an A-to-Z for the original item being INR.


This is Amazon. Find a way to work with them, or die.

I can not imagine how will I provide the “code” to my carrier in Europe and explain him how to use it.

In your situation, enter your own phone number. If the carrier has a problem they will contact you and you will forward the message.


That is definitely the truth, I agree with you 100%!


This is just the first step

However, it introduces its own problems,

The average delivery guy will not realize that he is talking to an intermediary. He will think that he is talking to the customer. The average customer will assume that since he has given Amazon his number, the delivery guy will use it.
Both have to be informed that there is a seller and an Amazon relay computer in the loop.

Imagine the delivery guy at the community gate. He calls the customer, hoping to get buzzed in. Seller says I’ll relay the message. Three hours later, the customer gets the message and punches in his key to open the gate. The package, of course, does not get delivered.

Delivery guy thinks that seller is a flake. The customer thinks that seller is a fraudster.

So there is one more step required. When the delivery guy calls the seller, the seller must give him the Amazon number and the code. Eventually, delivery guys will have the Amazon number on their speed dial, and the seller will just give them the code.


I’ve had a few UPS and FedEx drivers in my time, and I have never seen one not on the phone. How can we expect them to hang up for all this?


It said it expires when the package shows as delivered, but more and more we are seeing USPS marking an item as delivered a day before it’s actually delivered. I questioned this until it happened to me personally; they really are doing this.


I sell personalized items, and often my customers spam Amazon emails, and they don’t get notifications that I have emailed them. This leaves me needing to phone them if I need clarification on their order, typically with Prime orders. I’d like to see an exception added to these guidelines to allow for us to use the number to clarify orders.