Customer looking for refund- 11 years later


Its the Great Depression part 2, 40 million unemployed, 20%+ rate, 11 year itch. Amazon will give them a refund. Watch and see.


omg please us know if Amazon grants a refund. omg


If you decide to refund him, refund me as well, as my lost order was only 10 years ago.


I’d buy that book. Then ask for a refund in 11 years.


You’re totally right. Speaking of refunds, I bought a Rolex from you 7 years ago and would like a refund. It was a $75,000 Presidential. I’m going to need that refund before I go on a social media rant.




Doing some quick math -
11 years = 4,017 days (leap years accounted for)
4,017 - 30 days (problem/return window) = 3,987 days past the return window.
Wow, just wow!


Tell the buyer NO! 11 years is way tooooo long. Contact Amazon and let them know you think this is fraudlent.


Just when I thought I saw everything. This is beyond hilarious.

Buyer will contact Bezos directly for an A-Z claim. And he will force a refund and suspend your account…lol


It is hilarious. If I were you, I just politely tell him/her no.


Keotas, I think you’re reply is honorable. I might lean in this direction too, but then again, I’m very new to the game. Unless we’re talking about a college textbook, the cost 11 years ago was probably $15. I think it’s generous to think the way you do and more people should do it.
Plus, the guy must really need the money (or maybe the recognition) if he’s willing to reach out about it 11 years later. It must mean a lot to him in some way.
On the other hand though, it seems a little fishy. First he says he never got it because he moved, then he says he never ordered it. If the book was important to him, he would have noticed it never arriving. Orders don’t just happen either, so if he didn’t order it someone in his house did. Either way, I understand if it’s not worth the hassle to help this customer out.


Did you even read the title, let alone the thread?


YES! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I would do either of 3 things: (1) give him a refund for his amazing chutzpah and your admiration of it, (2) give him a refund for the hilarity that followed from his refund request, or (3) deny the refund with regret because your refund period is limited to only 10 years.


I wouldn’t even answer the message. Mark as no response needed. They are probably fishing for money from sellers.

I just had someone on E T S Y that ordered something with Express overnight shipping in September and contacted me yesterday that they want money back because it never got there. Who pays for overnight and then doesn’t care until 8 months later.


Dear Laynzo:
I wouldn’t have any idea of how I would advise you or to go about in this case. I have been in business, alone with my father for a long time and He always tough me that the customer is always right. He passed away not to long ago and believe me I have tried to continue his legacy, what a teacher and a companion who I miss a lot.
To be honest with you, in this case I will try in a very polite way to make him understand that Amazon return time window is 30 days and not 11 years. Unbelievable with what kind of issues we come up about sometimes, but this to be honest with you topped them all. Be honest, be polite and try to make the customer understand that this issue is medieval history. This “request” should go to the Guinness World Book of Records.
Let me know what happens please? Wish you the best of luck.
Pedro, Jr.
C/o America’s Stationery, Inc.


If you decide to go through with this, you will have to refund them 120% of the purchase price to adjust for 11 years of inflation.


It is not “Giving In”. First my advise was to not refund. This is obvious. Just be nice with your denial.

My next suggestion simply goes to providing excellent customer service. It would not cost the seller a thing to part with one item at cost while showing respect to a buyer and presenting themselves as reputable. The seller loses nothing and the buyer is “given the opportunity” to feel like they matter. For whatever reason the buyer felt motivated to ask. Haven’t we all done things that if we only took 10 breaths probably would have refrained from doing.

Granted…11 years to ask for a refund is… (putting it plainly)…ridiculous. But as sellers our first, if not only public, instinct should be to err on the side of the buyer. To 1st always be professional and give the buyer the benefit of the doubt. Even when our basic instinct wants us to respond negatively.

Besides the greatest benefit the seller received in this transaction is a good laugh. That in and of itself is worth the discount. You and I both know that the buyer is not going to redeem. So what does it hurt to be magnanimous? Just make sure you apply a signature to the shipment.


Wouldn’t doubt it if this has something to do with COVID-19, people are getting desperate out there.


Wow, this is one of a kind.

The facts that the customer even dare ask a refund after 11 years should be in an news article on it own or a TV Show, why not.

I am sure the customer was laughing his ass off when making the request, it wasnt with a straight face its impossible.

Tell him that it will take you 11 years to give him the refund.